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           n our lives, we have had many experiences.          What I did was to be determined in achieving
           It could be in our personal life or academic        my goals. I set the goals, and I also made it a
       Ilife or in our professional lives. We may              point to gain self-confidence. For this, the first
       have  experienced  successes  and  failures  in         step I took was to acquire the English language
       some or all aspects of our lives. In fact, these        skills so that I become self-confident. Then,
       failures and success do probably inspire us to          I set my eyes on getting better grades in my

       achieve our goals. Failures do not necessarily          subjects of study. In a few weeks, I overcame
       mean that we lost something and hence stop              these  challenges,  and  I  felt  more  confident
       trying  to  achieve  our  goals. We  must  work         than  ever.  I  succeeded  in  every  way,  and  I
       towards achieving our goals. The following              didn't relax with that but continued even after
       lines will throw light on some of mine in my            that until I graduated from the university.

                  academic life at Dhofar University.
                                                               DU  was  one  of  my  best  experiences  in  my
       My  pleasant  experience  in  life  started  in         life, if not the best and the most important.
       September 2011 when I joined the university.            I  really  enjoyed  it,  and  in  spite  of  the
       Of  course,  it  was  not  easy  in  the  beginning.    difficulties, I was able to overcome them with
       Everyone would undoubtedly face challenges              determination and perseverance and achieved
       when they enter a new phase in their academic           my goals and I graduated from the university
       life. I too had to meet challenges. I had no            with distinction.
       idea  what  a  university would  look  like and
       what it feels to be a student at the university.
       Neither I had the required confidence nor did                       Noor Mohammed AL Maashani
       I have any friend to depend upon.                                   Graduate of year 2016
                                                                           Social Work

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