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3                    between Classes at DU

                                       Things to Do

                                                                              Wafi Mubarak Al-Rashdi
                                                                              Civil Engineering
                                                                              Year One
              f you are at DU and you have a long                30  years  when  the  next  generation  of
              and  tedious  break  between  your                 students come.

         Ilessons,  don't  worry  I  will  give  you             To say the truth, at present, We can list
         some tips to kill time.                                 the following things:

         First of all, you can watch movies. We
         have  a  big  and  fantastic  cinema  in                1 We have an electronic library which
         the  Foundation  Program  building.  It's               is  free  for  every  single  student  at  DU.
         open 24 hours and for free. Invite your                 You can also search, study, or do your
         friends  and  start  watching  entertaining             project as long as you want in one of the
         documentary  movies  that  can  enrich                  many computer labs.

         and amuse you and your pals.
                                                                 2  Another  place  that  each  student
         Having  coffee  and  relaxing  is  really               should know about is the Student's Affairs
         good indeed. You can drink any kind of                  building. It’s not only a place for shopping
         coffee. In the Student Activity building,               and  eating,  but  you  can  participate  in
         there  are  many  lovely  coffee                               many  activities      of  your  choice
         shops,  for  instance,  we  have                                    there. They may help you get
         Costa, Starbucks, etc....                                                   a  temporary  job  at  DU
                                                                                      too!!! So, go for it…!!!
         On  top  of  that,  there  is  a

         vast sports center behind                                                     3 Lastly, as far as I
         Commerce  College.  If                                                       know, the most brilliant
         you  are  interested  in                                                    relaxing  thing  at  DU
         sports,  you  have  to  visit                                              campus is drinking your
         it, or it would be a shame.                                                favorite  hot-drink  on
         There  are  lots  of  lovely                                              the  bench  next  to  the
         stuff  including  a  gym,  a                                            Classroom  building,  while
         swimming  pool,  and  a  bowling
         hall.                                                                 chatting  to  your  friends,
                                                                             especially  when  there  is  a
         But, ...                                                           drizzle in the rainy season. It is

         Honestly, there's nothing of that in                             really priceless…!!!
         DU nowadays. However, this is how
         I imagine, and I wish DU will be after

                                      FP Chronicle  Issue 10, January 2018
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