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                                    Ali  Mohammed Ali Al Raafit


        T                      for    naming

                  he  blood  of  a  Phoenix
                  tree  or  the  blood  of
                  Dragon  tree  relatively
                  trees.  However,  they
        trees because of their external
        appearances as well as forms.

        These trees grow, only in Socotra
        Island,  Yemen,  in  the  Indian
        Ocean.  The  common  word
        between  the  names  of  these
        trees  is  ‘blood.’  The  reason
        behind  that  is,  there  is  a  thick
        red liquid which comes out from
        these  trees,  and  it  is  similar  to

        This  tree  has  a  famous  name
        among        the     local    people
        of  Socotra  which  is  the  two
        brother’s blood. Okay, but why
        do they call it so?!

        Because  they  say  that  there  is
        a legend behind this name. The
        legend is about the first murder
        ever in the history of mankind. And this murder took place in Socotra Island.

        They believed that the son of Prophet Adam, peace be upon him, Cain killed his brother
        Abel on this island. When Abel was killed, the earth was soaked with his blood. After
        that, these magical trees grew on the island!!!

        Today, the story and this magnificent tree which is full of secrets have become part of
        this beautiful island.

     14                                   FP Chronicle  Issue 10, January 2018
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