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             Fatimah Al Maashani &  Rawan Yasser Ali Said

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         T                                                      to read about the topic. Practice is the

                   he  Alumni  committee  orga-
                                                                next step - practice until you are confi-
                   nized  two  presentations  for
                                                                dent. When asked how to grab the atten-
                   the  FP  students.  The  first  one
                   was  about  Presentation  Skills
                                                                tion of the audience, the presenter sug-
                   by Khaloud Salim Al-Amri and
                   the second one was by Weam
                                                                to the topic can attract the audience.
                                                                She also spoke about presentation pro-
         Al-Jelani on Attitude in Class. The pre-               gested that graphs and photos related
         sentations were attended by nearly 36                  grams like PowerPoint. The slides should
         students along with some teachers. The                 be clear, with big fonts and simple notes.
         sessions were interactive, the present-                The  second  presentation  was  on  ‘Atti-
         ers  gave  their  own  views  on  the  top-            tude in Class’. She brainstormed positive
         ic and also got the students to share                  and negative attitudes in class. Regular
         their ideas and opinions. The students                 attendance  is  the  key  to  be  success-
         said that they usually feel nervous and                ful.  Students  should  be  organized,  take
         shy while presenting because they are                  notes during lectures and ask questions if
         anxious that they might make pronun-                   they need more clarification. These were
         ciation  mistakes.  The  presenter  gave               the steps she followed to be the best stu-
         some  tips  to  overcome  these  issues.               dent in her class and to reach the top.
         She suggested five steps to create an                  The presentations were useful and infor-
         interesting  presentation.  The  first  step           mative. The participants benefitted from
         is  to  choose                                         the  ideas
         the right top-                                         s h a r e d
         ic-  a  topic                                          in  these
         you like. Then                                         sessions.
         she  advised
         the  students

                                      FP Chronicle  Issue 10, January 2018
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