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                                                Interview of this Issue

                                                Mr.Hassan Kashoub

                                                Director of Students affairs

                                           The students’ affairs building is one of the very important
                                       places in the university that not many students use effectively
                                       to improve their various hobbies and talents. On November
                                       20th, The Chronicle interviewed the director of the students’
                                       affairs Mr. Hassan Kashoub to ask about the importance of
                                       the place and what is has to offer.

           1. Can you tell us when have these activities started?
           These activities started from the beginning, when the university was first opened.

           2. Do you encourage students to participate in activities?
           Yes, of course, these activities build the students’ personalities by involving them in
           social life and activities-such activities help in building the student’s self-confidence.

           3. What are the events that you hold in the university, which help DU students
           develop their talents?
           We hold different competitions like sports, photography, art activities each year. We
           also build teams for our different activities to keep the events going and to keep the
           students motivated.

           4. Are there other activities to be added in the future?
           We welcome new ideas, and we love to develop.

           5. Some students are shy and do not want to show their talents- what would you

           I would tell them that these activities can help you overcome your fear and develop
           your personalities as I said earlier. I also advise them not to hide their talents, because
           they are treasures that need to flourish.

                                                          Shamma Nasser Juma Al-Routali
                                                          Chronicle Reporter FP

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