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This Issue’s IT Quiz

    Prizes to the first two correct

    answers  that reach us


   ACROSS                                                 1 The part of CPU which coordinates all function of
                                                          computer and other components (2 words)

   2 When a computer is switched on, the booting process per- 3 To add text to a slide without using the standard
   forms a test called ______                             placeholders. (3 words)
   5 Software required to run the hardware (2 words)      4 Symbol/ Illustration on desk pointing to a specific
   7 Keyboard shortcut for creating a chart from the selected
   cells                                                   program
   10 A portion of the worksheet displayed on the screen can be  6 Component used for short-term data storage in a computer
   viewed through (2 words)                               7 Shortcut key for a "Spelling check" in a document
   14 To access a mainframe or Supercomputer, users often use
   a______                                                8 "V" in DVD stands for?
   16 “V” in VDU stands for?                               9 The amount of vertical space between lines of text in
   17 Rules of a language                                 a document is called (2 words)
   18 Creating single cells by combining two or more selected   11 A program that controls the computer’s resources (2
   cells                                                  words)
   19 A key that is used to alternate the input mode of a group   12 Keys to select the entire document (3 words)
   of keys on a keyboard (2 words)
                                                          13 Cursor control keys (2 words)
                                                          15 Smallest unit of storage

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