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            reetings from our FP Chronicle                       The       issue      includes         other
       Gteam.  This  issue  marks  our                           articles  too  that  we  are
       first this academic year. It brings                       sure  you  will  enjoy  reading
       an entirely new format and focus                          through  and  some  creative
       to  you.  Our  team  has  tried  to                       artwork  for  you  to  look  at  as
       compile a range of exciting and                           well.  And  don’t  forget  to  rack
       insightful topics. We are sure you                        your brains with the math and
       will  find  something  to  capture                        IT quizzes at the end.
       your interest.
                                                                 We  wish  you  a  pleasant  time
       The       first     two       articles        are         reading  our  issue.  We  are
       contributions  written  by  two                           always  happy  to  hear  from
       of  our  best  FP  alumni  talking                        you.  Please  write  to  us,  call
       about  their  joy  and  challenges                        us or reach us in person when
       in  learning  a  new  language.                           you have something to say, an
       Followed by a collection of short                         article or picture to share.
       articles  sent  to  us  from  students
       who love to share their experiences
       at DU with you. In this issue also,                                 FP CHRONICLE TEAM
       our  student-reporters  enrich  the
       issue with some of their ambitious
       reports and interviews.

   This Issue’s Caricature                 19

                                      FP Chronicle  Issue 10, January 2018
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