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y Journey Through
             M                                    English

                                                                me a question once, just like my old teacher, and
                     MY STORY                        M
                                                                again, I failed to answer, but she gave me candy
                                                                for  trying  to  answer  anyway.  Teacher  Lakyar
                       Nour Kashoub                             danced with us, laughed with us, and cared about
                       English Literature                       us. From  that time on , my English book was
                       Year Two                                 the first book I opened when I did my homework
              veryone has a unique journey in learning          in  the  afternoon.  I  started  to  love  English  and
              English. Mine includes lots of challenges         gained confidence in MY ENGLISH, and so my
         Ealong the way. It started in 2001. I was a            progress continued. I watched videos in English,
         first  grader,  who  excelled  in  all  the  subjects   read in English and memorized new words daily.
         except English.
                                                                In 2015, I was selected by my English teacher to
         My  first  English  teacher’s  attitude  was  the      participate in the UNESCO competition .  I did
         reason I didn’t do well in that                                             very well and gained myself
         language. She was very harsh.     “her cheerful smile                      a  certificate  from  Paris.  I
         She always ignored me and the                                             earned the respect of the people
         likes of me in class. She liked     brightened the                       around me. Little kids at school
         good  students  only.  Once,  she                                       wanted to be just like me.
         asked  me  a  question.  I  was  whole room.”
         happy  to  get  the  attention                                          In that same year, I joined Dhofar
         but  scared  to  answer  at  the                                        University. I was placed in Level
         same time. I couldn’t answer!  “What a weak            three directly in the FP. I was selected as one of
         student!” She exclaimed.                               the outstanding students in the level.

         A  miracle  happened  in  grade  four.  Suddenly        In 2016, I joined the English Literature Major.
         my difficulties started to disappear.  An angel        My English teachers appreciated my confidence
         of a  teacher came to teach us. Her name was           and  seriousness,  and  I  work  hard  to  keep  my
         Lakyar. When she opened the class door, her            grades around the 90s.  A teacher once told me
         cheerful  smile  brightened  the  whole  room.         that it would be possible for me to reach the 80s
         She filled us with her kindness as if we were          but not the 90s. I took it as a challenge, and I got
         her own children.                                      91 in that course .

         She  was  an  exceptional  teacher.  English           My story through English continues, and I will
         started  to  be  a  subject  I  enjoyed.  She  asked   undoubtedly keep up the  hard work.

     4                                    FP Chronicle  Issue 10, January 2018
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