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hen I was six years old, I started going               My Journey
             to  school  and  had  to  study  many
 y Journey Through  Wsubjects  such  as  English,  Arabic,  and        Munther Al Amri
      mathematics. English was the subject I disliked                  English Literature
                                                                       Year Two
      the most because I thought it was quite tricky.
      I wasn't that good in English.  Actually, my
      marks in English were always the worst until            countries  through  social  media  sites  and
      the 9th grade.                                          applications such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and
                                                              Twitter.  I  could  avoid  so  many  grammatical
      The  change  in  my  attitude  towards  English         mistakes  by  imitating  how  native  speakers
      changed just after I was introduced to the world        talked and wrote in English. Luckily, I got a
      of the internet. Many people on social media            high mark in 12th grade in English.
      sites talk in English only
      (They  don't  speak  in                                 Then,  I  started  my  way  to  the  university.  I
      their  native  language                                       started  from  Foundation  Program  on
      even if they are from                                          level three. I met many, great teachers
      the same country) so I                                        there; I was almost the best male student

      figured  that  if  I  learn                                   in the foundation program at that time. It
      English,  I  would  be                                       was quite easy for me to get good results
      able  to  communicate                                       in exams because of my experience. Also,
      with other people from                                     FP was very useful and I learned a lot of
      all countries. I wanted                                          new words that I didn't know before.
      to be able to be part of                                                  My  listening  skill  improved
      the  whole  world  and                                                           after  listening  to  my
      talk  to  others  from                                                            teachers for 2 hours in
      other countries.                                                                   every English lecture.

      I bought some general                                                                I     selected     the
      English  language  books                                                              English  language
      and  some  stories  from  the                                                        as  my  major.  I
      library.  I  learned  the  basic                                                    took  many  English
      roles  of  grammar  by  myself,                                                  courses.  I  thought  I'd
      so I was able to write simple                                                  be  the  best  student  and
      short sentences. I learned how                                              it  would  be  easy  for  me.
      to  pronounce  English  words                                            But  unfortunately,  that  didn't

      and  improve  my  listening                                            happen. At  that  time,  I  realized
      skills by watching movies and Anime                                 that  my      English  wasn’t  good
      in  English.  There  were  always  new  words                    enough.  So  I  had  to  study  hard  and
      I  didn’t  know,  it  was  frustrating,  but  I  was    work a lot to be better. This is my 2nd year
      determined. I memorized them and started to             at  Dhofar  university.  I  feel  like  my  English
      read more.                                              is  improving  gradually.  I  love  English  and
                                                              I  want  to  visit  one  of  the  countries  like  the
      I kept learning step by step. I have improved           United Kingdom so I'll be able to practice the

      a  lot  by  chatting  with  people  from  other         language  thoroughly  and  learn  more  about
                                                              their culture in the future.

                                      FP Chronicle  Issue 10, January 2018
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