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Campus Life &

          New Experiences

                                                               I was afraid and nervous because I was the
      Maram Al Khzami, FP
      FACING A PANEL                                           only girl from Level one in the group, but I
                                                               was stronger than my peers and did my best.

                    t  the  beginning  of  this  semester,

                    my  class  teacher  chose  me  to          From this interview, I learned new words to
          Arepresent  FP  in  an  interview.  I                use  while  speaking  and  also  I  learned  a  lot
          felt so scared at first and said, “No, I don’t       about  the  Foundation  Program.  During  the

          want,” but the teacher insisted. Then in two         interview,  I  was  a  bit  scared,  but  then  the

          weeks, some teachers and administrators at           fear disappeared. I did an excellent job. The
          FP  started  conducting  awareness  sessions         meeting  was  easy  and  straightforward.  This
          for  the  chosen  students.  They  taught  us        was one of the opportunities that made me

          about  the  services  available  at  DU.  They       stronger, more self-confident and grown up. I

          gave us training on how to face the panel.           wish to get similar opportunities to learn a lot
          They  encouraged  us  to  speak  English  to         in the future.
          answer their questions. In all these stages,

     6                                    FP Chronicle  Issue 10, January 2018
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