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irst Day at DU

                                                                 future career,” I said.
              t  was  the  beginning  of  my  university      F
              life.  I was about to enter a new stage
          Iof  changes;  into  the  world  of  the               I  continued  to  share  my  thoughts  with  the
          rising future. I woke up to the songs of the                     class,  and  that  encouraged  other  students
          morning birds. It was the first morning at             to talk to me after class. I was excited that I

          the university. I was full of ambitions, eager         started to create new friendships already.
          to start and explore this new stage in my
                                                                 Some of the things that startled me though
                                                                 were few behaviors from other students. Many
          When I reached the university, things were
          not as I imagined they would be. It took               took  arriving  late  to  class  as  a  habit.  What
          me ages to find my classroom.  Another                 caught  my  attention  was  also  that  students
                                                                 used  their  mobiles  during  the  lecture.  Not
          student guided me and helped me to reach               many students were as enthusiastic as I.
          there. I was late, the teacher had already
          started talking to the other students. I was a
          little scared when I entered the classroom.            What a blessing it is! We have such a chance
          I knocked on the door and entered timidly.             to learn and good teachers who are willing to
          The teacher welcomed me and asked me                   make it happen. We should use that wisely.
          to sit. I felt a bit relaxed then. The teacher         Every day at university is a busy day with a
          proceeded to ask us about our dreams and               challenging  adventure  that  taught  me  the
          goals. I had thought thoroughly about that,            sweetness  of  reaching  and  moving  into  the
          so I didn’t hesitate to share my thoughts.             future.                 Muna Ali Salim Alawaid
          “I want to build myself a strong base for a                                    English Major,Year Two

                                      FP Chronicle  Issue 10, January 2018
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