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Fatima Mohammed Ahmed Bait Habdha
           Chronicle Reporter FP

                     n November 18th every year, happiness flourishes in the Sultanate of
                     Oman. People all over the country, North and South, in the villages and in
           Othe cities, children, and young people celebrate this happy day; and so does
           Dhofar University.

           On Oman National Day, students came to the university wearing accessories of
           the colors of the Omani flag. Also, there were a lot of flags on cars and walls. The

           university had beautiful lights of the same colors at night. There were many little
           celebrations in the classrooms. Teachers of different nationalities joined in, too.
           The colours red, white and green were seen everywhere. There was a big official
           celebration in the conference hall with a lot of nice performances, too.

           The National Day is a great day for everyone who loves Oman and its leader, Sultan
           Qabous. We ask Allah to keep him healthy and safe from all evil.

     8                                    FP Chronicle  Issue 10, January 2018
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