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The College of Engineering seeks in its curricula an optimal balance between solid engineering practice based on a science background and professional engineering practice. The aim is to provide our undergraduate students with an education that is both professional and liberal, drawing from the resources of the College and the entire University. The College of Engineering strives to have strong interactions with the rest of the University colleges, and with the community.


To be recognized nationally and regionally for education, service applications, research, and leadership in the engineering profession.


The College strives to serve the province, the nation, and the region by graduating broadly educated and talented engineers, preparing them to become leaders in their professions, conducting scholarly research, and creating and disseminating knowledge within the community.


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Academic Programs

CE also offers three minors in Mechatronics, Information Technology and Petroleum Engineering.

Major Diploma Bachelor Degree
Chemical Engineering X X
Civil Engineering X X
Electrical & Computer Engineering X -
Computer & Communications Engineering - X
Electrical & Electronics Engineering - X
Mechanical Engineering X X
Interior Architecture X X

Admission and Graduation Requirements

Admissions Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the College of Engineering programs, the following requirements must be satisfied:

  • A General Education Certificate (High School Diploma) or its equivalent.
  • The following are required to meet minimum standards in English, Math and IT.
  • English TOEFL min. score 500, or ibT score 61, or band 5.0 in IELTS (writing min. 4.5) or 400 in SAT I (writing).
  • Math score of min. 400 in SATI
  • ICDL certificate

If the above requirements in test scores are not met, then the student is admitted to Dhofar University’s Foundation Program (FP) based on the Placement tests in English, Math and IT. Students entering the first year in Engineering majors are required to sit for 3 proficiency tests, in  Math, Physics, and IT. Based on the results of these tests, students may be required to take additional basic courses related to these topics. More details are available in the University catalogue.

Students may be admitted directly into the DU programs, if they transfer from another accredited English language medium university, provided their credits are approved by the Equivalence Committee at the College.


Diploma Requirements

Students at the end of the second year, with a cumulative average of 65 and an average of  70 in all engineering courses, are awarded a Diploma and promoted to the third year engineering program, and will qualify for a Bachelor degree at the end of the fourth year.

To graduate with a Diploma, a student must complete:

  • 83 credit hours for the Interior Architecture major.
  • 72 credit hours for Chemical Engineering major.
  • 75 credit hours for the Electrical and Computer Engineering major.
  • 75 credit hours for the Mechanical Engineering major.

Bachelor Requirements

To graduate with a Bachelor degree in any of the majors in the College of Engineering, students must satisfactorily complete the required credit hours with an overall minimum average of 65, and a cumulative average of 70 in the major courses. Students working for the Bachelor degree must complete a total of:

  • 145 credit hours for the Interior Architecture major.
  • 136 credit hours for Chemical Engineering major.
  • 138 credit hours for Computer and Communication Engineering major.
  • 138 credit hours for Electrical and Electronics Engineering major.
  • 138 credit hours for the Mechanical Engineering major.

The CCE, EEE, and CHE programs satisfy the ABET EC2000 requirements that include:

  • At least 30 credit-hours of mathematics and basic sciences.
  • At least 71 credit-hours of engineering sciences and engineering design.
  • At least 18 credit-hours of social sciences and humanities excluding speech, and technical writing courses.


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