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College of Arts and Applied Sciences (CAAS)

Welcome to the College of Arts and Applied Sciences (CAAS) 

The College of Arts and Applied Sciences follows a liberal arts philosophy that stresses a well-rounded general education in arts and sciences. It encourages students to realize their educational goals and potentials by exercising independent judgment and exploring a wide range of academic interests and diverse research skills. The College is committed to cultivating lifelong learning using all possible resources of knowledge, including information and communication technologies. The College regards research by its faculty members as an essential element in their professional development.

Thus, it encourages and supports peer-reviewed quality research that leads to refereed publications in order to maintain high standards of education and to attract outstanding faculty members and students. In addition, the College strives to improve the quality of education through continuously monitoring teaching effectiveness. To achieve excellence in education, the College actively engages its faculty members in a continuous revision process of its academic program curricula to sustain high relevancy to current knowledge and assurance of proper implementation in a world where knowledge keeps continuously changing.

Organizational Structure

The College of Arts and Applied Sciences is composed of five departments: the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Education, the Department of Languages and Translation, the Mathematics and Sciences Unit, and the Department of Social Sciences. These departments report to the Dean of the College of Arts and Applied Sciences.


The College of Arts and Applied Sciences aspires to offer high quality programs in the humanities, basic, natural and social sciences that are recognized nationally and internationally and prepare highly motivated students to be successfully engaged citizens in an increasingly technological and global society.


The College of Arts and Applied Sciences (CAAS) providesthe core of liberal arts education at Dhofar University. It aims at enabling all University students to benefit from sustained independent learning through the general University Requirement courses and the CAAS majors. The College focuses on reaching excellence in learning through interdisciplinary knowledge and skills in arts and sciences, the development of critical thinking skills, and engagement in the society with focus on preserving the cultural values of the Omani society.

Functions of the College

The College of Arts and Applied Sciences has four main functions:

  • Offering the required and elective courses and necessary academic advising to the students in the diploma programs, the BA/BS programs, and graduate programs that are listed below;
  • Offering General University Requirement and elective courses (about 30 credits for each academic program) to the students of the College of Commerce and Business Administration and the College of Engineering;
  • Supporting faculty members to conduct research, publish, and participate in professional activities; and
  • Offering services to the community in the form of professional consultation, public lectures, and general academic and cultural activities.

Academic Programs

The College of Arts and Applied Sciences offers 20 academic undergraduate programs, two graduate programs and two minors, all of which are designed according to the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education in the Sultanate of Oman. Those programs are:

  • Diploma in Computer Science
  • Diploma in Chemistry
  • Diploma in English Language
  • Diploma in Mathematics
  • Diploma in Social Work
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
  • Bachelor of Arts in English Language
  • Bachelor of Arts in Translation
  • Bachelor of Education in English Language, Mathematics, Science, or Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Law
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
  • Master in Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching English Language
  • Master of Education in Educational Administration (in Arabic)
  • Minor in Arabic Language
  • Minor Arabic Literature
Program University College Core Elective
Diploma in Computer Science 24 3 27 6 60
BS in Computer Science 30 12-13 57 21 120-121
Diploma in English Language 27 6 24 3 60
BA in English Language 30 12 42 36 120
BA in Translation 30 12 48 30 120
B. Ed. in English Language 30 6 69 15 120
B. Ed. in Information Technology 30 6 72 12 120
B. Ed. In Mathematics 30 6 77 9 120
Diploma in Mathematics 27 3 32 0 62
BS in Mathematics 30 12-13 58 21 121-122
Diploma in Social Works 24 6 30 0 60
BA in Social Works 30 12 66 12 120
Bachelor of Law 15 0 101 14 130
MA in Curriculum & Instruction: Teaching English Language 0 0 33 6 39
M. Ed. In Educational Administration 0 0 30 9 39

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