Circulation Rules


Circulation, in general, is the vital nerve of libraries and information services, and it is considered one of the most important public services provided by libraries and information centers and one of the important indicators of the effectiveness of the library and its relationship with the community of users. In the circulation department, library materials are borrowed or renewed or returned electronically. Also it is possible to apply there for reserving material, reporting its loss or inquiring about the amount of fine on material returned to the library after its due date.

Users could borrow books themselves through a special machine that works on the University ID card at the entrance of the university library. This card is also used for copying and printing, because the university wants to offer all these services by using one technologically sophisticated card automatically to facilitate and regulate usage.

Circulation Instructions

  • You must show the university ID card every time you borrow something from the library.
  • Users are not allowed to borrow other books unless overdue books are returned.
  • The Director of the Library has right to deny borrowers the privileges of borrowing books for of a period not exceeding one semester if they abused the library or its holdings, or misbehaved with one of its employees.
  • If the delay in returning a book exceeds a year, the book is considered missing.
  • The user is required to sign a release form in the following cases: resignation or graduation, transfer, postponement or end of service with the university for any reason.
  • The duration, the number of loan materials allowed and fines for each day of delay, are determined according to the categories of users as demonstrated in the following (table 2)
NoUserNumber of MaterialPeriod of BorrowingFine for every Late Day
1Faculty Members10Semester300 Pisa
2Master Students8Month200 Pisa
3Students521 days200 Pisa
4Non-Academic employees521 days300 Pisa
5Individuals from outside the University (within specific restrictions)314 days300 Pisa

Material that Cannot be Borrowed

  • General References, such as dictionaries and encyclopedias, etc.
  • Special Collections, such as rare books, Master Theses and CDs.
  • Reserved Books
  • Periodicals


Notices are sent to all borrowers by e-mail as follows:

  • Before the expiry of the period of the loaned materials in two days and then in one day.
  • When loaned materials are overdue.
  • And in the case of a request for the material by a user in a special or an urgent manner.

Renewing Borrowed Material

user could renew the borrowed material maximum twice in a raw, if the material is not requested by other users, in the following way:

  • Bring the borrowed material to be renewed to the library and submit them to the loan officer along with the university ID card.
  • Renew the material automatically through the automatic loan machine available at the entrance to the library.
  • Enter the number of the borrower and the password of the loan details on the library's website and then mark (√) in front of the book to be renewed and press on renewal before the end of the loan period.


Reserving material in the library

The library reserves books and other materials related to the courses, based on the request of a faculty member or because of the heavy demand for that material and they will be placed on a shelf in the circulation section and will be used only for copying or using inside the library in the following ways:

  • The Load Department may reserve a certain material when there is a need for that.
  • A faculty member may request a book or more to be placed on reserve for the use of the students inside the library. But he/she should fill a special form for this service available on the library's website.
  • The loan officer activates the reserved materials in the library system.
  • A reserved book may be checked out inside the library for a period not exceeding two hours or as long as the Loan Officer may deem necessary.
  • The Loan Officer may lend some copies of books reserved (loan for the night) before the end of the official working hour of the library to be returned the morning of the next business day before nine o'clock in the morning

Form for library reservations (Special to faculty members)

Reserving Borrowed Material

All users can reserve library material already borrowed by other users and a note will be sent to the person in question when the material is returned. A special form for that must be filled by the person requesting the material.

Form for reserving material

Returning Late & Fines

If a user returns library materials late, the following penalties apply:

  • The user cannot borrow any material from the library before returning the borrowed material, even if it is late for one day, because the library system functions in the way.
  • A fine is imposed on the user two days after the due date of returning the material in accordance with categories of users, as shown in (table 2)
  • If the user loses or damages a book, he/she is required to bring a substitute copy of the same edition or the latest edition of the book within a month. If the user cannot bring a copy, he/she will be required to pay the price of the book plus half of its price (the price of the book + half its price). The user will have to pay the fine for the overdue time as well.
  • If the book is of the rare books or gifted books, then the borrower must pay the amount that is determined by the supply department, in light of the price of the missing or damaged material and its rarity in the market after securing the approval of the director of the library. The borrower must pay the fine for overdue time as well.