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It is a digital database that supports many scientific and academic fields and specializations, containing more than 168881 electronic books with complete texts, leading more than 500 publishers to have full confidence and trust in its high academic and professional standards. It allows people to read and print these books.                                           More>>


It is an electronic database that includes over 13670 academic periodicals and covers over 50 scientific subjects in the humanities, social sciences and the sciences, like economics, history, folklore, the environment, literatures, African Studies, botany, zoology, linguistics, astronomy, health, libraries, marketing, advertising e.t.c                            More>>


This is an Arabic database specialized in the sciences of public administration and it includes over 1200 specialized academic periodicals with complete texts such as periodicals, theses, conference papers and the encyclopedia of Arabic public administration. It also contains the conferences that were organized since the sixties and up till now, in addition to Ph.D. theses that competed for the best Ph.D. thesis in public administration.      More>>

دار المنظومة      

This is an educational informatics portal with complete texts supporting specialists and researchers in the field of education and teaching and it covers a large number of educational and scientific periodicals issued in English and Arabic, in addition to works and research of conferences and seminars in the fields of education and teaching. It includes over 399 periodical and 105628 Thesises.                 More>>


It is one of the digital databases that in the field of information services on the Internet, containing 233634 eBooks and 3396 e-journals. It is specializations in Architecture & Design, Astronomy, Biomedical Sciences, Business & Management, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences & Geography, Economics Education & Language, Energy, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Food Science & Nutrition, Law, Life Sciences, Materials, Mathematics, Medicine, Philosophy, Physics, Psychology, Public Health, Social Sciences and Statistics. It is easy of use and the possibility of its development and its flexibility.



This is an electronic platform for refereed issues in Arabic providing full texts with academic, scientific and professional contents. Subscription is available for the following subjects:

  • Public Administration and Economics
  • Education
  • Law

It also includes more than 2684 eBooks, 3371 eJournals and 8602 Thesises.                        More>>


We started Edara.com in 1992, to bridge the gap between business and management theories, knowledge, and best practices of the most advanced societies on one side, and the Arab business landscape on the other side. After 25 years of visionary hard work, Edara.com has accumulated great heritage of well selected, best-selling, most-influential world class books, book summaries, audios, articles and consultations, on a wide range of topics including management, administration, leadership, marketing, quality, innovation, education, parenting, PR, communication, health, and psychology. Edara.com unique Arabic contents include: Business Book Briefings, Education Book briefings, Business Digest, Relations, Your Health Your Wealth, and Audio Briefings. Our libraries comprise 8,000 Arabic records, supported by a smart search engine.


The one of the largest and most important global websites in the field of electronic information services. It is published by the global publisher EBSCO .The database provides thousands of periodicals covering the fields of anthropology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, civil engineering, engineering, multicultural and ethnic studies, , Science, material science, mathematics, music, pharmaceutical sciences, physics, psychology, religion and religious studies, veterinary science, women's studies, zoology, and many other fields. The database offers multiple search options including advanced search such as Boolean Search, or searching by languages, indexed subjects and periodicals titles.

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