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14.3 Department of Languages and Translation
               R.  Al.  Mahrooqi,  C.  Coombe,  F.    Al-Maamari,  V.  Thakur,  “Revisiting  EFL  assessment:  Critical
               perspectives”, Springer, Switzerland, 2017.

               Book Chapters:
               A.  Alhassan,  H.  Ali, “An  evaluation  of  the  challenges  of the  Sudanese  linguistics  and  English
               language-related  studies’  PhD  candidates:  An  exploratory  qualitative  study”,  Evaluation  in
               Foreign  Language  Education  in  the  Middle  East  and  North  Africa,  Springer  International
               Publishing, 2017.

               Refereed Journal Papers:
               V.  Thakur,  “Cooperative  principle  and  inferential  chains  of  interpretation:  Socio-pragmatic
               approach to language and literature teaching”, Arab World English Journal for Translation and
               Literary Studies, Vol. 1, pp: 171-186, 2017.

               S. S. Sultan, “Fiction of Imprisonment and Individual Peace: Abdul Rahman M. al Rubayi's Al
               Washm as an example”, Journal of Humanities and Cultural Studies, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp:1-22, 2017.

               Conference Papers:

               A.  Alhassan,  “EAP  and  subject  specialists  in  EFL  contexts:  can  we  establish  a  professional
               dialogue?”, The 3  TESOL Arabia SIG Conference: Learners & Teachers: Partnering for Excellence
               in ELT Education, Abu Dhabi, UAE, April 19, 2017.

               A. Alhassan, H. Ali, “Plagiarism technology and ghostwriting: can we make the undetectable
               detectable?”, 17 International English Language Teaching Conference: ELT: Innovate Integrate,
               Motivate, Muscat, Oman, April, 20-21, 2017.

               A. Alhassan, “A Corpora-based approach for training EFL student translators and interpreters:
               moving  beyond bilingual  dictionaries  and  intuition”,  The  8   Annual  International Translation
               Conference:  21   Century  Demands:  Translators  and  Interpreters  Towards  Human  and  Social
               Responsibilities, Doha, Qatar, March 27-28, 2017.

               A. Alhassan, “Mainstream vs. International English: Voices from Classrooms”, The 23  TESOL
               Arabia Conference: advancing the ELT profession, Dubai, UAE, March 9-11, 2017.

               A.H.  Al-Saqqaf,  “Will  Nizwa  Arabic  witness  a  change  of  palatal  stops  to  coronal  affricates?”
               Symposium of Omani Arabic Dialects, Nizwa University, Nizwa, Oman, 20 April, 2017.

               V. Thakur, “Promoting critical thinking as a social practice: Shaping students’ voice, agency and
               inter-subjectivity  in  a  cohesive framework”,  The  English  Scholars  Beyond  Borders  Group  and
               Providence University, Taichung, Taiwan, May 19-22, 2016.

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