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4)  Colleges may have additional requirements to join specific programs, details of which can
                  be found under College Requirements in the DU catalogue.

              2.6.  Transfer from another HEI, Residency Requirement and Course Eequivalency

              2.6.1.  Transfer from Another Recognised College/University

              Students who have started their studies in some other HEI recognized by MoHE, in or outside
              Oman, and wish to move and continue their study at DU can do so by submitting an application
              form  with  the  required  documents  in  addition  to  their  previous  transcripts  and  course
              descriptions to the Admission Section in the DAR. The transfer students are advised to apply as
              early as possible prior to the start of the semester, as announced in the academic calendar on
              DU  Website,  in  order  to  get  the  course  equivalency  process  done  by  the  beginning  of  the
              registration period.

              Such students are admitted after the following conditions are satisfied:
                  1)  they meet DU’s admission requirements

                  2)  they satisfy the residency requirements (for non-Omanis)
                  3)  they were not dismissed from the previous HEI for any disciplinary reason.

              If any of the submitted documents is found to be fabricated, then the University reserves the
              right to dismiss the student from the University with no obligations from its end.

              2.6.2.  Residency Requirements

              Students transferring to DU from other HEI must earn at least 60 credits (30 credits) required
              for graduation while in residence at DU for a Bachelor Degree (Diploma). In other words, an
              equivalency of a transfer student cannot exceed 50% of the total number of credits for the
              academic program he/she is joining at DU.

              2.6.3.  Course Equivalency Criteria
              A  course  taken  for  credit  by  a  transfer  student  at  another  HEI  prior  to  joining  DU  may  be
              transferred to DU credit subject to the following conditions:
                  1)  The course is deemed equivalent to a course offered at DU, i.e. it covers 70% of the
                     topics, involves the same components (lecture, lab, tutorial), and has the same number
                     of credits or more
                  2)  At any circumstances, the number of transferred courses must not exceed 50% of
                     the total number of credit hours required for the academic program the student is
                     applying to.
                  3)  The student had attained a grade of C, Good or 70 or above on the DU grading scale in
                     the transfer course. Transferred credits will appear on the student's record as “PT” and
                     therefore will not be included in the calculation of his/her cumulative GPA.

              2.7.  Registration
              Periods  of  registration  are  announced  in  the  academic  calendar  which  is  published  in  the
              University catalogue and on DU’s Website. Students should refer to it.

              2.8.  Credit Load
                  1)  A full-time student should register for not less than 12 credits and no more than 16 (18
                     for engineering students) credits in any regular (Fall and Spring) semester.
                  2)  A student may register for up to 18 credits (19 for engineering students) if he/she has a
                     cumulative  average  of  at  least  80  or  a  semester  average  of  80  for  two  consecutive
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