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2.3.4 Registration

                   Periods of registration are announced in the academic calendar which is published in the
                   University Catalogue, on its website and social media. Students should refer to it.

                   2.3.5 Academic Advisors
                   Each  student  is  assigned  an  academic  advisor  from  day  one  of  joining  the  Program.  The
                   academic advisor is a faculty member in the academic department in which the student is
                   enrolled. The role of the advisor is to assist the advisee in preparing course schedule during
                   registration, support and guide him/her during his/her University studies, monitors his/her
                   academic progress, and offers him/her counselling on any academic difficulties or problems
                   he/she may experience.
                   2.3.6 Study Plans

                   The study plan is considered to be the road map for students to progress smoothly in their
                   studies towards their graduation.  Each student will follow the defined study plan of her/his
                   degree  and  the  student’s  academic  advisor  would  help  him/her  prepare  a  schedule  in
                   accordance with that study plan. The approval of the advisor is required before a student
                   could register and finalise his/her schedule.  In case of the online registration, the student is
                   required to consult his/her advisor on the courses he/she needs to register. For a complete
                   list  of  study  plans  of  Degrees  offered  by  the  University,  the  student  is  referred  to  the
                   University Catalogue where a detailed account of these study plans are given per semester.

                   2.3.7 Credit Load
                       A full-time student should register for no less than 12 credits and no more than 16 (18
                        for Engineering and Law students) credits in any regular (Fall and Spring) semester.

                       A student may register for up to 18 (19 for Engineering and Law students) credits after
                        securing the approval of the College Council, or if it is required by a Department in
                        specific terms.  Approval is normally granted by the College Council if the student has
                        a CGPA of at least 80.

                       A student may register in a Summer term for a maximum of 6 credit hours and 9 hours
                        for graduating students. All exceptional cases require the approval of the respective
                        College Council.

                   2.4 Fees and Expenses

                   2.4.1 Tuition Fees

                   Tuition fees are as follows:

                         900 RO for each of three semesters for the Foundation Program.
                         70 RO for each credit hour taken in the Fall, Spring and Summer semesters for all
                          day programs.
                         Year One students who take FP Math or IT, pay the equivalent of 3 credits for each.
                         125  RO  for  each  credit  hour  taken  in  the  Fall,  Spring  and  Summer  semesters  for
                          other Masters Programs.
                         150 RO for each credit hour taken in Master in Business Administration Program.
                         110 RO for each credit hour taken in Master in curriculum & Instruction: Teaching
                          English Language.
                         90  RO  for  each  credit  hour  taken  in  Teaching  Diploma  (Arabic,  English,  Math  &

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