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The above fees do not include textbooks, transportation, housing expenses or late

                   2.4.2 Tuition Refund Policy
                   A student may withdraw from a semester after registration, but the refund rate of tuition
                   depends on the timing of the withdrawal:

                         For private student’s full tuition will be refunded only to students who withdraw
                          from the semester before the end of the add/drop period.
                         50% of tuition fees will be refunded to students who withdraw before the end of
                          late registration.
                         NO REFUND will be made to students who withdraw from the semester after the
                          end of late registration.

                   2.5 Drop and Add
                   After selecting a course schedule, a student has the opportunity to make changes during the
                   Drop and Add period, which is usually the first week of the semester, after which no changes
                   are possible without the approval of the College Dean. A student should take care not to
                   change all the courses he/she has previously chosen, but only one or two courses, if  the
                   change is a must.

                   2.5.1 Withdrawal from Courses
                         Students who withdraw or drop a course will receive a grade of “W.”
                         Students cannot withdraw or be withdrawn from a course after the announced
                          deadline (not later than week 14 from the start of the semester or week six in the
                          Summer term) unless approved by the College Dean.
                         Students cannot withdraw or be forced to withdraw from a course if this results in
                          the students being registered for less than 12 credits without the approval of the
                          College Dean.
                         Students can withdraw from only one required course per semester. Students who
                          wish  to withdraw  from more  than one  required  course must  petition the College
                          Council for permission to do so.
                   2.5.2 Failing Courses

                         If  a  student  fails  a  course,  no  re-examination  is  permitted.  A  student  who  fails  a
                          required course must repeat the course at the earliest opportunity. However, for
                          students at academic risk refer to the ‘Students at Academic Risk’ Policy.
                         A student who fails an elective course may not have to repeat it as long as he/she
                          can achieve the minimum cumulative average and the minimum number of credits
                          required for graduation.

                   2.5.3 Repeating Courses
                         A student may repeat any course for which he/she received a grade of less than 70.
                         A  student  who  repeats  a  course  three  times  will  be  dropped  from  the
                         When a course is repeated, the highest grade will be considered in the calculation of
                          the  cumulative  average.  All  course  grades  will  remain  a  part  of  the  student’s
                          permanent record.
                         A  student  who,  at  the  end  of  her/his  senior  year,  fails  to  attain  the  cumulative
                          average of 70 in the major will be required to take additional major courses in the
                          field or to repeat courses in which the student has scored low grades.

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