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2.5.4 Dropping the Semester

                   A student may apply to drop a semester before the deadline announced in the University
                   Calendar for withdrawal from courses without a grade «F». After that deadline, application
                   for  dropping  the semester  without  a  grade “F”  requires  the  approval  of the Dean  of the
                   College and the Dean of DARSA.

                   The student must fill an application form for this purpose, which can be obtained from the
                   DAR.  When  a  student  returns  to  the  University  after  dropping  one  or  more  semesters,
                   he/she should fill a form for this purpose. Absence from the University cannot exceed the
                   total  of  four  semesters,  after  which  a  student  must  reapply  to  the  University  as  a  new
                   2.5.5 Postponing Studies
                   A student may apply to postpone his/her studies for one semester or more, but the period
                   of  absence  from  the  University  cannot  exceed  four  semesters  consecutively  or  in  total,
                   including the semester in which the application was made and approved.

                   2.6 Assessment and Examinations
                       A student’s academic performance is assessed throughout the semester using various
                        instruments: Homework, exams, projects, practical work, etc.

                       All courses normally have final examinations that students must take. The instructor
                        will  announce  at  the  beginning  of  the  semester  the  policy  that  he/she  intends  to
                        follow as indicated in the course syllabus in the matter of missed examinations and
                        quizzes, so that the students are fully aware of this policy and its consequences.

                   For details on missing exams, see the section “Class Attendance & Absence”.
                   2.6.1 Incomplete Course Work
                   Students may get a grade of Incomplete “I” in a course in special approved circumstances.
                   The Incomplete must be arranged in advance according to the following:

                       For securing permission to complete the work for a course, a student must submit a
                        valid  excuse  to  the  instructor  of  the  course  and  to  the  College  Council  within  two
                        weeks from the date of the scheduled final exam for the course. For that purpose, the
                        ‘Incomplete form must be completed in advance for approval of the instructor, the
                        Chair  of  the  Department  and  the  College  Council.  Students  should  be  aware  that
                        approval  is  not  automatically  granted.  Forms  for  “Incomplete”  are  available  on  the
                        University’s website and the Department of Admission and Registration (DAR).

                       Students permitted to complete work for a course must do so within two weeks of the
                        start of the next regular semester. In exceptional circumstances, the College Council
                        may decide to give the student additional time to complete a course.

                       After  the  incomplete  work  is  done  and  evaluated,  the  course  instructor  should
                        complete a change of grade form and submit it to the College Council for approval, as
                        stated above.

                       If no valid excuse is presented and the work is not complete within the time limits
                        specified above, the “I” will be dropped and the numeric grade available will become
                        the final grade in the course.

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