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Numerical                               Equivalent Letter     Equivalent Grade
                                          Grade Type
                         Grade                                       Grade                Points
                        95-100                                         A                     4
                         90-94                                         A-                   3.7
                         87-89                                         B+                   3.3

                         83-86             Very Good                   B                     3

                         80 -82                                        B-                   2.7
                         77-79                                         C+                   2.3
                         73-76               Good                      C                     2

                         70-72                                         C-                   1.7
                         65-69                                        D+                    1.3
                         60-64                                         D                     1

                       Below 60               Fail                   F                      0.0

                                        I                 Incomplete

                                       P                  Pass
                                       PR                 In progress
                                       W                  Withdraw
                                      WA                  Withdrawn for Excessive Absence
                                       X                  No Grade Reported

                                       F                  Fail
                                       -                  No Grade Reported
                                       PT                 Pass Transferred
                                       EX                 Exempted

              2.19. Change of Grade

              Any student, who feels that the grading was unfair, must promptly discuss the matter with the
              course  instructor.  If  the  student  and  the  instructor  are  unable  to  arrive  at  a  solution,  the
              student can submit a “Grade Appeal” form to the Chairperson of the concerned department up
              to the first one week of the beginning of classes of the following semester. The Department
              Chairperson  investigates  the  student’s  arguments  and  may  request  the  College  Council  to
              review the instructor’s evaluation of the student.

              2.20. Academic Probation, Dismissal and Readmission

              2.20.1.  Academic Probation
              A Diploma or bachelor student is placed on academic probation if:
                  1)  His/her  cumulative  average  (CGPA)  is  less  than  63  at  the  end  of  the  second  regular
                  2)  His/her  semester  average  (SGPA)  is  less  than  64  at  the  end  of  the  third  regular
                  3)  His/her  semester  average  (SGPA)  is  less  than  65  at  the  end  of  the  fourth  regular
                     semester or any subsequent semester.
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