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2.6.5 Removal of Academic Probation

                   For a Bachelor or Diploma student, probation is removed when he/she attains a semester
                   average of 64 or more in the third semester, or a semester average of 65 or more in the
                   fourth regular semester or any subsequent regular semester.

                   2.6.6 Withdrawal from the University
                   A  student  may  apply  to  withdraw  from  the  University  by  filling  out  a  ‘Withdrawal  Form’
                   available on the DU website and from the DAR. When a student returns to the University
                   after withdrawing one semester or more, he/she should fill a ‘Resumption Studies Approval
                   Form’ for this purpose.

                   2.6.7 Dismissal
                   A student is dismissed from a College at DU for any of the following reasons:

                       If he/she fails to clear her/his strict academic probation, which, as was stated earlier, is
                        the final stage in academic probation, excluding the Summer semester. The student
                        can be dropped for this reason even if he/she is in the final year at DU.
                       If he/she is deemed unworthy by the College to continue for professional or ethical

                   2.6.8 Readmission
                   A student will normally be considered for readmission to the University only after spending
                   one semester at another recognized institution of higher education during which the student
                   passes the course/s he/she was dismissed from at DU. Exceptions may be made for students
                   who leave the University for personal or health reasons. Transfer credits will be considered
                   after evaluation of a student’s course work. The student must achieve a grade equivalent to
                   the grade of 70 at DU in each of the courses for which Transfer credits may be granted.

                   2.7 Study Period
                   The minimum study period for a student enrolled in a Diploma program is two years or four
                   semesters and the maximum period of study is four years or eight semesters. The minimum
                   study period for a student enrolled in a Bachelor program is eight semesters beginning with
                   the freshman class (1st year), and the maximum period of study is eight calendar years. For
                   students admitted to sophomore (2nd year) and junior (3rd year). A student who fails to
                   complete  his/her  degree  program  within  these  specified  times  must  petition  the  College
                   Council for an extension of time.

                   2.8 Graduation

                   2.8.1 Graduation Requirements for a Diploma

                   To graduate with a Diploma, students must satisfactorily complete at least, 60 credit hour
                   for Diploma Program offered by CAAS and CCBA while 75 credit hours for Diploma program
                   offered  by  CE,  with  a  cumulative  average  of  65  percent.  To  determine  the  remaining
                   graduation requirements for a particular Diploma, read the catalogue.
                   2.8.2 Graduation Requirements for a Bachelor Degree
                   To  graduate  with  a  Bachelor  degree,  a  student  must  satisfactorily  complete  at  least  120
                   credit  hours  for  Bachelor  degree  program  in  CAAS  and  CCBA  while  138  credit  hours  for
                   Bachelor program in CE, with:
                         A cumulative average of 65 percent or higher.
                         A cumulative average of 70 percent or higher in the compulsory major courses.

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