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2)  Reach a CGPA of 65 percent,
                  3)  Reach  a  major  cumulative  grade  point  average  (MCGPA)  of  70  percent  in  the
                     compulsory major courses,
                  4)  IELTS score of band 5 or equivalent
                     (Not applicable for programs taught in Arabic)
                     (Applicable for students admitted to FP from Fall 2015-16 onwards)

              2.22. Dean’s Honor List

              To  be  placed  on  the  Dean’s  Honour  List  at  the  end  of  a  given  Fall  or  Spring  semester,  a
              student must:
                  1)  Be carrying at least 12 credits
                  2)  Never been on probation
                  3)  Have passed all courses of the semester and attained a semester average of 90 or more
                  4)  Have finished at least 24 credits

                  5)  Have not been subject to any disciplinary action within the University, and be deemed
                     worthy by the Dean to be on the Honour List

              2.23. Disclosure Policy

              The  University  may  disclose  general  information  without  prior  written  consent  from  the
              student and this information may include only: student’s name, degrees granted, major and
              minor fields of study, awards received and participation in official activities and sports.
              However, the University shall not release other information from academic records, unless it
              receives  the  written  consent  of  the  student,  and  this  written  consent  must  specify  the
              information that is to be disclosed, the purpose of the disclosure, and the names and addresses
              of the individuals or institutions to whom disclosure is to be made.
              The University may disclose information, including information on academic records, without
              prior consent of the student in the following cases:
                  1)  Upon the request of officers of other educational institutions where the student seeks
                     to enrol (in such cases the student will be given, upon his/her request, a copy of the
                     information sent to the institution.);
                  2)  As necessary to academic officers, academic advisors, and faculty members within DU;
                  3)  In compliance with a judicial order; and

                  4)  To  financial  aid  services  in  connection  with  financial  aid  for  which  the  student  has
                     applied or has received.

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