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2.8.3 Graduation with Excellence

                   Students who complete their programs of study with a cumulative average of 90 or above in
                   all  courses,  including  repeated  courses,  and  who  receive  a  recommendation  from  the
                   College are awarded their Bachelor degrees with “Excellent”. Students who get a cumulative
                   average of 95 or above will be awarded ‘Excellent with Distinction’.

                   2.9 Dean’s Honor List
                   To  be  placed  on  the Dean’s  Honour  List  at  the  end  of  a  given  Fall or  Spring  semester,  a
                   student must:
                         Be carrying at least 12 credits
                         Not be on probation
                         Have passed all the courses of the semester and attained a semester average of 90
                          or more
                         Have not been subjected to any disciplinary action within the University during the
                          semester, and be deemed worthy by the Dean to be on the Honour List

                                         3. Academic Support Services

                   3.1 Library

                   The Library is one of the pillars of the academic life at the University. It is responsible for
                   providing  print  and  electronic  sources  of  information,  whether  that  supports  academic
                   programs  at  the  University  or  that  are  public  and  cultural  and  serves  the  University
                   community in particular, or the local community in  general, or any researchers wherever
                   they are. The Library is located in a separate building that consists of three floors with a total
                   area estimated at 4,000 square meters and is equipped with public and private reading halls,
                   computer labs and Internet  and a hall for the electronic Library equipped with electronic
                   services, resources and accessories. There are places for copying and printing using smart
                   cards. The Library occupies a strategic place which is easily accessible amidst the University

                   The Library doors are open from half past seven in the morning until eight in the evening
                   from  Sunday  to  Thursday,  excluding  public  holidays.  The  Library  uses  systems  with
                   international  specifications  and  standards.  It  uses  the  Library  of  Congress  classification
                   system, MARC 21 and the Anglo-American cataloguing rules in its second edition. It also uses
                   a Global integrated electronic system to enter and retrieve data automatically through the
                   virtual  system  and  radio  frequency  RFID  for  Library  management  resources  and  its
                   protection from being taken outside the Library. The Library offers a number of benefits that
                   are of direct service to users the most important of which is loan, the Internet, automated
                   search, copying, printing, responding to inquiries, training, guidance, and reference services.
                   The library has adopted a policy of open shelf which allows users of the Library rapid access
                   to its services and resources, where the Library contains a balanced set of printed sources of
                   information in the form of more than 27,500 references, and 400 printed thesis & projects
                   and  more  than  130,000  E-books,  and  thousands  of  articles  published  in  more  than  910
                   refereed journals, and a set of  E-theses estimated at around 75,000 theses, in addition to
                   other databases, all well organised and arranged for easy access for users. Search for any of
                   these sources can be made easily through the website of the Library which is located at the
                   following link:

                   3.2 University Bookstore

                   DU Bookstore aims to provide printed and electronic textbooks for University students to
                   improve the research and learning skills of the students. The bookstore has been operational
                   since June 2017.

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