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3.2.1 Location

                   The bookstore is located on the Ground floor of Student Affairs Building Room 011-A.
                   3.2.2 Timings
                   Students can access the bookstore from Sunday to Thursday from 8:00 am -3:00 pm

                   3.3 Computing and Networking Services

                   DU provides an integrated environment of information technology networks that support
                   and enhance academic activities. Academic computing capability is provided by numerous
                   laboratories, as well as by campus-wide networked facilities. All laboratories are networked
                   and have access to local and remote servers as well as the Internet. All University buildings
                   and Labs are connected with an up to date fibre optics backbone.

                   3.4 E-mail

                   Student e-mail is the fastest form of communication between DU and students. They are
                   expected to be using e-mail during their University life. All new students shall be assigned a
                   user account and an e-mail address. The account must be activated and it has to be renewed
                   periodically. That e-mail is convenient to access both on and off campus, it is easy-to-use,
                   reliable  and  secure.  DU  considers  e-mail  as  a  formal  channel  of  communication  with  its
                   students where all important information, absence reports and announcing any DU activity
                   to the concern of students are delivered through this email service.

                   3.5 Department of Student Affairs

                   3.5.1 Student Clubs

                   Students have the right to form, under the supervision of the Department of Student Affairs
                   (DSA), student clubs in line with the following objectives:

                       Engage in academic, physical, scientific and social extra-curricular activities.
                       Enhance the relationship among students, instructors, and administrators.
                       Develop students’ creativity.
                       Expose students to work-related skills.
                       Participate in activities that serve their communities.

                   3.5.2 Student Advisory Council
                   Students  elect  annually  their  representatives  to  the  University  Student  Advisory  Council
                   (SAC) which represents students on University functions and transmits the student body’s
                   concerns to the Administration of the University.  The SAC shall consist of the Director of
                   Student Affairs and 17 students from different Colleges. These students shall be selected on
                   the  basis  of  direct  vote.  The  elected  students  shall  choose  a  Chair  for  the  committee,  a
                   Deputy  Chair  and  a  Secretary  General  from  amongst  themselves  for  a  period  of  one
                   academic  year.  Those who  are  interested  in  partaking  of  the University  Student  Advisory
                   Council should fulfil the following conditions:

                         Have completed one full semester at least with 12 credits of the prescribed course
                          load  and  with  an  accumulative  GPA  of  no  less  than  2/4  points  or  equivalent  for
                          Diploma and Bachelor students, and 3/4 points or equivalent for Master students
                          and should not have exceeded the minimum semesters in the academic course he
                          registered in.
                         Should have at least the minimum course load during his membership, except for
                          the end-of-graduation or Summer semester.
                         Should not have incurred a disciplinary sanction against him or criminal prosecuted,
                          except if he is acquitted prior to the nomination date.
                         Should be prescribed by the Student Advisory Council Statute issued by MoHE.

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