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3.5.3 Identification Card (ID)
                   DSA issues an ID card for each new DU student in accordance with the following procedure:

                       The  student  brings  four  passport  photos  to  the Department of  Administrations  and
                        Registration and gets a temporary ID card.
                       DAR sends photos to the DSA - Student Services Section.
                       Three weeks later the student gets her/his new ID card.
                   3.5.4 Orientation

                   During  the  period  of  registration  and  placement  exams,  the  DSA  arranges  orientation
                   sessions  for  new  students.    The  sessions  provide  important  academic  and  related
                   information including location of various facilities and services. More than ten students are
                   usually on the welcoming committee, along with two staff members.

                   3.5.5 Student Employment Program

                   DU offers students the opportunity to gain work experience and earn some income as well.
                   Students who wish to join the Student Employment Program may apply through the office of
                   Student Affairs. According to this program, a student can work for a maximum of ten hours
                   per week and earn money on an hourly basis.
                   3.5.6 Counseling Services

                   The  Student  Counselling Office  provides  a  comprehensive  program  of  support  services  to
                   assist DU students in their adjustment to the demands of university environment.

                   The services are designed to enhance students educational experience by supporting their
                   development. Its goal is to help students’ self – understanding and awareness, so they are
                   able to better meet the demands of College life, and enjoy College experience.

                   3.5.7 Career Guidance Services

                   The Department of Student Affairs provides career guidance services to students through
                   various  activities,  lectures,  and  reading  materials.    Students  are  assisted  with  writing
                   resumes, preparing for job interviews, and searching for suitable employment.

                   3.6 Student Housing

                   The University has four buildings in the campus for female students who come from distant
                   places to study at DU. It provides them with subsidized furnished accommodation and local
                   transportation.  The  University  also  provides  security  service  and  supervision  of  students
                   where there are eleven of female supervisors and female security guards working 24 hours a
                   day.  Male  students  who  do  not  reside  in  Salalah  are  also  assisted  in  finding  appropriate
                   accommodation.  However,  there  is  a  list  of  instructions  and  regulations  specifically  for
                   housing that can be found at the students’ hostel administration office.
                   3.7 DU Clinic

                   The DU Clinic serves the health needs of students. A nurse is available on campus for 24
                   hours a day during which students can visit and seek consultation. Urgent and emergency
                   cases  are  transferred  to  the  nearby  Saada  Medical  Complex  or  to  city  hospitals.

                   Clinic contact No. 23237135/23237131
                   Emergency Office: 23237060
                   Emergency GSM: 99496766
                   Civil Defence Centre and Ambulance: 9999
                   Civil Defence Centre and Emergency Management: 23234971
                   Police Office (Salalah): 23290099

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