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Police Station (Saada):23234170
                   Sultan Qaboos Hospital (Salalah): 23216100
                   Health Centre (Saada): 23225613

                   3.8 Cafeterias and Coffee Shops
                   DU has two newly built cafeterias, each with two large halls serving the male and female
                   students separately. There is also a coffee shop which is located in the courtyard of the Uni-
                   versity for each of the Colleges; it serves snacks, light sandwiches and beverages.
                   3.9 Athletics and Recreation

                   DU  provides  some  local  facilities  outside  campus,  particularly  the  football  field  and  the
                   gymnasium. Counsellors of Department of Student Affairs organize sporting events such as
                   football, volleyball, swimming, camps, athletics, trips, and tennis.

                                         4  Student Disciplinary System

                   Whereas DU aims to develop a student’s social character, knowledge, and professional skills,
                   it is also committed to graduate law‐abiding, responsible citizens who deserve to carry the
                   DU name. To that end, the University reserves the right to implement a range of disciplinary
                   measures that are commensurate with violations of Omani laws or the rules and regulations
                   of the University.

                   Disciplinary measures range from a verbal warning to expulsion from the University based
                   on  the  nature  of  the  offence.  The  harshest  action,  final  expulsion  from  the  University,
                   requires the consent of the University Council. Furthermore, each University employee who
                   observes an assault or offence by any student is required to report the offensive action to
                   the Dean of the College.

                   4.1 Smoking Policy
                   Smoking inside all buildings on campus is prohibited. Any student, faculty of staff member
                   who  violates  this  policy  shall  be  subjected  to  the  appropriate  disciplinary  action  in
                   accordance with University rules and regulations.

                   4.2 Warnings on Absenteeism
                   Attendance of all classes and course-related activities is obligatory.  A student is withdrawn
                   from class if he/she reaches 25% of absence, this is clearly mentioned in the course syllabus.
                   The absenteeism warnings and procedures are as follows:
                   The first warning 5 %:

                   When  the  student  absence  reaches  5  %,  a  first  warning  will  be  sent  by  the  attendance
                   manager system to student’s DU e-mail.

                    The second warning 15 %:

                   When the student absences reach 15%, an initial warning will be sent  by the attendance
                   manager system to student’s e-mail, as the student will be informed orally by the teacher or
                   academic advisor.

                   The third warning – Withdrawal at 25 %:

                   A student will be withdrawn from a course when his/her absences reach 25%. A withdrawal
                   message will be sent via DU e-mail.

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