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              The Department of Student Affairs (DSA) is located in a separate building known as “Student
              Activity Center”. It is headed by a Director and is responsible for all non-academic activities
              of the students.

              4.1.  Identification Card (ID)
              The DSA issues an ID card for all new DU students in accordance with the following procedure:
                  1)  The student brings four passport photos to the DAR and gets a temporary ID card.

                  2)  The DAR sends photos to the Student Services Section in DSA.

                  3)  Three weeks later the student gets her/his permanent  ID card from Student Services

              All students must carry their DU ID on campus.

              4.2.  Orientation
              During the period of registration and placement exams, the DSA arranges orientation sessions for
              new  students.  The  sessions  provide  important  academic  and  related  information  including
              location  of  various  facilities  and  services.  There  is  a  “welcoming  Committee”  composed  of
              students and staff to facilitate the orientation.

              4.3.  Student Activities and Clubs
              Students can participate in social, cultural, and scientific events and activities organized by the
              DSA.  The  Cultural  Week  is  an  occasion  that  allows  students  to  organize  cultural,  social,
              intellectual, and entertainment activities. It stretches over a few days, usually in the last week
              of April, during which students display their talents and artistic productions for the pleasure of
              fellow  students  and  the  community  at  large.  Student  activities  are  usually  sponsored  and
              coordinated by members of the DSA.
              Students have the right to form student clubs, under the supervision of the DSA, in line with
              the following objectives:
                  Engage in academic, physical, scientific and social extra-curricular activities.

                  Enhance the relationship among students, instructors, and administrators.
                  Develop students’ creativity.

                  Expose students to work-related skills.
                  Participate in activities that serve their communities.

              DU provides some facilities outside campus, particularly the football field and the gymnasium.
              Counsellors  of  DSA  organize  sports  events  such  as  football,  volleyball,  swimming,  camps,
              athletics, and tennis.

              4.4.  Counseling Services
              The Student Counselling Office provides a comprehensive support service to assist DU students
              in adjusting to the demands of University environment.

              The  services  are  designed  to  enhance  students  educational  experience  by  supporting  their
              development. Its goal is to help students’ self-understanding and awareness, so that they are
              able to better meet the demands of College life and enjoy College experience.
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