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4.5.  Career Guidance Services

              The  Career  Guidance  Office  provides  these  services  to  students  through  various  activities,
              lectures,  and  reading  materials.  Students  are  assisted  in  writing  resumes,  preparing  for  job
              interviews, and searching for suitable employment.

              4.6.  Student Employment Program

              DU offers its students an opportunity to gain work experience and make some income as well.
              Students who wish to join the Student Employment Program can apply to DSA. According to
              this program, a student can work for a maximum of ten hours per week and payment is made
              on an hourly basis.

              4.7.  DU Hostel (Student Housing)

              DU Hostel is under the supervision of the Director of Student Housing Services. It has four on-
              campus buildings for female students who come from distant places to study at DU. It provides
              them with subsidized furnished accommodation and local transportation. The University also
              provides security service and supervision of students through female supervisors and security
              guards working 24 hours. Male students who are not from Salalah are also assisted in finding
              appropriate accommodation.

              4.8.  Cafeterias and Coffee Shops

              DU has two cafeterias, each with two large halls, serving male and female students separately.
              There is also a coffee shop which is located in the courtyard of the University for each of the
              Colleges; it serves snacks, light sandwiches and beverages.
              4.9.  DU Clinic

              DU has an on-campus clinic that serves the health needs of students. A nurse is available on
              campus for 24 hours a day during which students can visit and seek consultation. The Clinic
              provides basic medical assistance for minor physical injury and sickness. Urgent and emergency
              cases are transferred to the nearby Saada Medical Complex or to city hospitals. This medical
              assistance is also made available to female students in the DU hostel on a 24/7 basis.

              DU and non-DU emergency contact numbers are listed hereafter:

                    DU Clinic: 23237135/23237131
                    Emergency - Office: 23237060
                    Emergency - GSM: 99496766
                    Civil Defence Centre and Ambulance: 9999

                    Civil Defence Centre and Emergency Management: 23234971
                    Police Office (Salalah): 23290099
                    Police Station (Saada): 23234170

                    Sultan Qaboos Hospital (Salalah): 23216100
                    Health Centre (Saada): 23225613

              4.10.  Student Advisory Council

              Students elect annually their representatives to the University Student Advisory Council (SAC)
              which represents students on University functions and transmits the student body’s concerns
              to the Administration of the University. The SAC shall consist of the Director of Student Affairs
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