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4.3 Policy on Plagiarism

                   Plagiarism is defined as the unauthorized use of the work of another person, as one’s own,
                   whether  or  not  such  work  has  been  published.  A  student  at  DU  shall  not  engage  in
                   plagiarism nor employ nor seek to employ any other unfair means for an examination or in
                   other  form  of  work  submitted  for  assessment  as  part  of  any  University  course.  The
                   instructor, at the beginning of the semester, explains to students the meaning of the term
                   “plagiarism”  and  the  consequences  of  committing  such  an  act.  Furthermore,  the  course
                   syllabus states explicitly that any form of plagiarism may mean failure for the entire course.
                   Any person accused of plagiarism shall be referred to the Student Disciplinary Committee for
                   appropriate action.

                   4.4 Student Code of Conduct

                    All students should comply with the following:

                         Treat  all  academic  and  non-academic  staff  and  fellow  students  with  respect,
                          honesty, impartiality and discipline.
                          Maintain cooperation with fellow students.
                          Work  with  utmost  honesty  when  preparing,  executing  or  presenting  all  types  of
                          academic assignments including exams and when dealing with others
                          Respect others’ privacy.
                          Ensure that their communication or their parents’ or guardians’ are duly updated in
                          the file of the University.
                          Respect official deadlines and dates by getting to know all official data announced
                          by  the  University  such  as  email  headings,  posters,  electronic  websites,  electronic
                          display screens and notice boards.
                          Strictly comply with the stipulations of the University when dealing with machines,
                          hazardous biological materials or any other materials.
                          Utilize  the  University  resources  such  as  data  and  technological  sources  in
                          accordance  with  legality,  ethicality  and  for  academic  purposes  only,  unless
                          otherwise permitted.
                          Comply with the Omani national dress code for Omani students and with decent
                          wear for non-Omani students on campus.
                         Report to classrooms, laboratories, workshops, advisory sessions, etc. on time
                         Observe  fully  the  rules  and  regulations  of  work  such  as  field  trips  and  practical
                          training in the workplace.
                         Follow  health  and  safety  measures  on  campus  and  especially  in  workshops  and
                         Respect of intellectual and physical ownership and others’ rights
                         Participate  effectively  in  the  academic,  cultural,  social,  and  sports  activities
                          organized by the University
                         Comply with the rules and regulations of the University student hostel for those who
                          are accommodated there.

                   4.5 Violations

                   The student shall be considered as violating the rules and regulations of the university in the
                   event of committing verbally or actually anything violating the Student Code of Conduct.
                   Violations shall be divided into two parts: academic and non-academic.

                   4.5.1 Academic Violations
                         Disturb during examinations or lectures or any other activities in the University.
                         Instigate  other  students  against  attending  lectures  or  any  other  course-related
                         Damage other students’ work.
                         Disseminate false or wrong information.

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