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and 17 students from different Colleges. These students shall be elected on the basis of direct
              vote. The elected students shall choose a Chair for the council, a Deputy Chair and a Secretary
              General from amongst themselves for a period of one academic year.

              Those who are interested in partaking of the SAC should fulfil the following conditions:
                    Have completed one full semester at least with 12 credits of the prescribed course load
                     and with an accumulative GPA of no less than 2/4 points or equivalent for Diploma and
                     Bachelor  students,  and 3/4  points  or  equivalent  for Master  students  and  should not
                     have exceeded the minimum semesters in the academic course he registered in.
                    Should have at least the minimum course load during his membership, except for the
                     end-of-graduation or Summer semester.
                    Should  not  have  incurred  a  disciplinary  sanction  against  him  or  criminal  prosecuted,
                     except if he is acquitted prior to the nomination date.

                    Should be prescribed by the Student Advisory Council Statute issued by MoHE.

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