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1. Introduction

                   1.1 Background
                   Dhofar University (DU) is a private institution of higher education in Salalah, Sultanate of
                   Oman, established by Ministerial Decree No. 5/2004 issued in January 2004. The University
                   formally commenced its operations in September 2004. Dhofar University has a Board of
                   Trustees  that  represents  its  highest  policy  making  body,  and  was  established  with

                   1.2 Campus Facilities

                   The  Campus  was  designed  to  be  conforming  to  local  needs  and  cultural  context  while
                   meeting both international design standards and those of the Ministry of Higher Education.
                   The campus includes: an administration building, three buildings for the three Colleges and
                   the Foundation Program (FP), a common classroom building, a Learning Support Centre, a
                   student activities centre, theatre, a mosque, female student hostel, and housing for senior
                   administration,  an  Engineering  workshop  and  an  Eco-house.  Parking  lots  are  sufficiently
                   available on Campus.
                   1.3 Location and Climate

                   Being  in  Salalah,  the  University  community  enjoys  the  well-known  geographic  beauty  of
                   Dhofar  region  and  the  mild  weather  throughout  the  year  particularly  from  June  to
                   September, which is locally known as Khareef. The temperature remains steady in the upper
                   twenties, with occasional rise to mid-thirties. The long and clean sandy shores of Salalah,
                   one of the most beautiful in the world, are ideal for fishing. The nearby mountains are ideal
                   for hiking.
                   1.4 Vision

                   DU  aspires  to  occupy  a  recognized  position  among  the  institutions  of  quality  higher

                   1.5 Mission
                   DU strives to achieve excellence in teaching, research, and community service, in an open
                   learning  environment  conducive  to  creativity  and  innovation  and  to  the  acquisition  of
                   cutting-edge professional knowledge.
                   1.6 Values

                   The core values of DU are:
                   1.  Academic excellence
                   2.  Individual responsibility
                   3.  Continuous improvement
                   4.  Active citizenship
                   5.  Life-long learning

                   1.7 Graduate Attributes
                   1.  Master  theoretical  knowledge  and  practical  skills  in  the  students’  chosen  discipline
                       commensurate with program level and objectives.
                   2.  Demonstrate  capacity  for  effective  communication,  critical  thinking,  creativity  and
                   3.  Exhibit honesty, discipline and accountability.
                   4.  Practice tolerance, humility, respect for differences and commitment to service.
                   5.  Practice life-long learning.

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