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2. Academic Information

                   2.1 Medium of Instruction
                   Academic programs follow the American model of Higher Education and use English as the
                   medium of instruction except for the Master in Management, the Master in Educational
                   Administration and Bachelor of Law programs are given in Arabic.

                   2.2 Academic Programs

                   The University has a FP and three Colleges: College of Arts and Applied Sciences, College of
                   Commerce and Business Administration, and College of Engineering.
                   DU  offers  two-year  Diplomas,  four-year  Bachelor  Degrees,  and  two-year  Postgraduate
                   Master Degrees. The academic year is divided into two regular semesters of sixteen weeks
                   of instruction each and a summer semester of eight weeks of instruction.
                   2.2.1 The Foundation Program

                   The  academic  year offers three  semesters  (terms),  term 1, term 2  and  term 3.  The  FP  is
                   designed for students who are not sufficiently prepared to join the Academic Programs at
                   the  University.    Incoming  students  may  generally  be  required  to  spend  one  or  more
                   semesters in the FP depending on their results of the placement tests administered by the
                   University.    This  program  is  designed  to  equip  students  with  the  knowledge  and  skills  in
                   English language, Information Technology (IT) and Mathematics that will allow them to join
                   their chosen colleges.

                   All Foundation Program students who repeat the same level of any FP course three times
                   will be dropped from the program. Students dropped from the Foundation Program are not
                   allowed  to  register  in  the  program  again.  However,  a  student  is  allowed  to  re-join  the
                   Program  if  he/she  passes  the  failed  course  or  its  equivalent  elsewhere  in  one  of  the
                   recognised Higher Education Institutions (HEI).
                   Study Plan

                   The following table summarizes the FP Study Plan:

                                                English    Mathematics
                                                                          Technology     Total Hrs per
                             Level             Hours per     Hours per
                                                                           Hours per         Week
                                                 week          week

                            Level 1               25             2             0              27

                            Level 2               20             5             3              28
                            Level 3               20             5             3              28

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