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2.2.3 Academic Programs and Degrees Offered in Colleges

                   The academic year is divided into two semesters of sixteen weeks of instruction each and a
                   Summer session of eight weeks of instruction.

                   During  the  AY  2017-18,  DU  is  offering  53  Academic  Programs,  representing  17  Diploma
                   Programs, 25 Bachelor Degree Programs and 11 Master Programs in Engineering, Education,
                   IT, Business, Languages and Social Sciences. Further, DU also offers a variety of courses and
                   training programs for its staff, employees of government agencies and commercial firms and
                   for  adult  learners  in  the  local  community  through  its  Community  Service  and  Continuing
                   Education Centre (CS&CEC). Also, an application has been made to establish the first College
                   of Medicine in Dhofar.

                   A Bachelor student who wishes to stop at Diploma level can do so after his/her application
                   to change the Degree is approved, subject to the approval of the College Council and Dean
                   of the Admission, Registration and Student Affairs (DARSA).

                   College of Arts and Applied Sciences (CAAS)

                   CAAS offers the following Programs:

                     Diploma in Computer Science
                     Diploma in Chemistry
                     Diploma in English Language
                     Diploma in Mathematics
                     Diploma in Social Work

                     Bachelor of Education in Teaching Mathematics
                     Bachelor of Education in Teaching Science
                     Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
                     Bachelor of Education in Teaching English Language
                     Bachelor of Education in Teaching Information Technology
                     Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
                     Bachelor of Arts in English Language
                     Bachelor of Arts in Translation
                     Bachelor of Arts in Arabic Language
                     Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
                     Bachelor of Law

                     Master of Education in Educational Administration
                     Master of Education in Counselling
                     Master in Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching English Language
                     Master of Science in Information Technology
                     Master of Arts in English

                   CAAS also offers two minors: Arabic Language and Arabic Literature.

                   College of Commerce and Business Administration (CCBA)
                   CCBA offers the following Programs:

                     Diploma in Accounting
                     Diploma in Finance
                     Diploma in Insurance
                     Diploma in Management

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