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The Dhofar University (DU) Bookstore has been operational since February 2017. Its aim is to provide printed and electronic textbooks for University students. The facility is providing convenient and easy access to textbooks and reading material at an affordable price exclusively for DU students and instructors.

About DU Bookstore

To provide textbooks to meet Dhofar University community needs.
DU Bookstore aims to provide students and faculty with textbooks in a professional way.
  • Excellence
  • Knowledge
  • Quality
  • Innovations
  • Community
  • Collaborative learning
  • Diversity
  • Respect
  • The DU Bookstore supports the vision, Mission and core values statement through the execution of the following goals to support students.
    • Promoting DU as a quality institution by ensuring that the Bookstore is an active participant in the community.
    • Ensuring the convenient and timeous availability of the textbooks at affordable prices.
    • Safeguarding the intellectual property rights.
    • Ensuring that the sound business practices are satisfied and financial responsibilities are timely accomplished.