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Course Code Course Title Title Author Publisher Year Sales Price
BUSS 105 Principles of Financial Management Financial management Titman,sheridan J,keown,Arthur J Pearson 2013 30.500
FINA 405 International Financial Management International financial management Geert Bekaert and robert J hordick Pearson 2013 26.400
FINA 402 Investment Management Fundamental of investing Smart,Scoot,J Smart,Scoot B Pearson 2013 26.500
ACCT 402 Advanced Accounting Advanced Accounting Hoyle,Joe Ben,Schaefer,Thomas McGraw Hill 2014 34.400
ACCT 405 Accounting Information Systems Accounting Information system Hall ,James A Cengage Learning 2015 85.600
BUSS 102 Principles of Financial Accounting Financial Accounting Jones,Micheal ww Norton 2014 18.400
ACCT 403 Government and Fund Accounting Essential of Accounting for Government and Non Profit Organization Copely,Paul McGraw Hill 2014 30.400
MISS 212 Business Programming Simply Visual basic 2010 Deitel,HarveyM Deitel,Paul J Deitel,Baaye Pearson 2014 25.800
MNGT 405 Small Business Management Small Business management Longenecker,Petty,Palich and Hoy Cengage Learning 2016 30.700
MKTG 401 Brand Management Strategic Brand management:Building measuring and managing brand equity Kevin lane keller Pearson 2012 33.700
GMNT 602 Project and Operations Management Project management:The managerial Process Erik W Larson and Cliffort McGraw Hill International 2014 29.900
MNGT 211 Human Resource Management Human resource Management Garry Dessler/Al Ariss Akram Pearson 2016 26.400
MNGT 402 Leadership for Results The Leadership Experience Richard L Daft Cengage Learning 2014 22.800
MKTG 212 Marketing Communication Integrated Advertising Promotions and marketing communications Clow Baack Pearson 2016 25.000
MKTG 213 Service Marketing Service Marketing and management Gilmore audrey SAGE Publications 2003 44.300
MKTG 214 Customer Relationship Management Principles of Customer Relationship Management Baran ,RJ,Galka RJ, strunk DP Thomson 2008 35.500
BIOL 100 Biology for the Arts Biology Audesirk Gerald,Teresa Byers Pearson Education 2013 25.000
CHEM 100 Chemistry for the Arts Basic Concepts in Chemistry Malone Leo/Dolter Theodore John wiley & Sons 0 17.300
MATH 360
MATH 320
Linear Algebra I & II Linear Algebra and its application David C Lay Pearson Education 2015 24.800
CMPS 160 Data Abstraction Data Structure and Alogrithms Analysis Weiss,Mark Allen Pearson education 2013 24.700
CMPS 215 Computer Organization with Assembly Language Computer Organization and design the hardware/software David A patterson,John L Elsevier Science 2011 24.100
ENGL 101 Basic Academic English Unlock 4 Listening and speaking skills student Book and workbook L Lansford Cambridge University Press 2014 14.500
ENGL 101 Basic Academic English Unlock 4 Reading and writing skills student Book and workbook C.Sowton Cambridge University Press 2014 14.500
ENGL 102A Engilsh for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences I Academic Encounters: Reading and writing J Williams Brown Cambridge University Press 2012 13.400
ENGL 102B Engilsh for Business I English for Business studies and Economics students I mecknezie Cambridge University Press 2012 10.900
ENGL 102E English for Engineering and Sciences I Cambridge English for Engineering and science M Ibbotson Cambridge University Press 2014 10.200
ENGL 120 Understanding English Grammar Grammar and beyond Randi Reppen Cambridge University Press 2012 15.400
ENGL 203 Advanced Academic English 1 New Headway academic skills Level 3 Students S Philpot and curnick Oxford University Press 2011 5.400
ENGL 204. Advanced Acacemic English II Academic writing: ahandbook for International students S bailey Routledge 2011 11.500
ENGL 210 Introduction to Linguistics The study of Language George Yule Cambridge University Press 2016 10.000
ENGL 215 The Sounds of English Speech Sounds Patricia Ashby Routledge 2005 8.400
ENGL 240 Introduction to Language An introdcution to language Vicoria Fromkin,Robert Rodman & nina hyams Wadsworth Cengage Learning 2011 20.200
ENGL 260 Shakesphere Tempest Shakspeare Dover 1998 1.300
ENGL 260 Shakesphere Midsummer night dream Shakspeare Dover 1992 2.300
ENGL 270 Situational English ESL Conversation lesson Alex Forero Createspace 2016 6.600
ENGL 280 Business English How to say it: Choice Words sentences,paragraphs for every situation Rsoalie Maggio Thompson 2009 11.300
ENGL 285 Writing Workshop Read to write Gillie,Et AL McGraw Hill 1997 9.100
ENGL 310 Meaning in Language Introduction English Semantics Charles W Kreidler Routledge 2006 11.000
ENGL 320 Introduction to Creative Writing RIP The Page:Adventures in creative writing karen Benke Roost 2010 6.800
ENGL 335 Discourse Analysis Pragmatics Jean stillwell Peccei Routledge 2004 7.600
ENGL 420 Models of Second Language Acquisition How languages are learned PM Lightbrown and S spada Oxford University Press 2013 13.600
ENGL 470 History of the English Language The Origins and Development of the English Language John Algeo Wadsworth Cengage Learning 2010 22.200
TRAN 355 / TRANS 260 Contrastive Grammar and Syntax English -Arabic/ Arabic-English Transilation Basil haitham SAQI 1999 16.300
EDUC 611 Models of Second Language Acquisition Second Language Learning and Language Teaching Vivian Cook Routledge 2016 10.800
EDUC 611 Models of Second Language Acquisition Second language learning theories Mitchell & Myles Routledge 2004 16.200
EDUC 611 Models of Second Language Acquisition Key topics in second language acquisition Cook & Sigleton Multilingual matters 2014 12.600
EDUC 611 Models of Second Language Acquisition Theories in Second Language Acquisition: An Introduction VanPatten & Williams Routledge 2014 19.400
EDUC 611 Models of Second Language Acquisition Second Language Acquisition: An Introductory course Gass, Behney & Plonsky Routledge 2013 18.000
EDUC 611 Models of Second Language Acquisition Understanding Second Language Acquisition Rod Ellis Oxford University Press 2015 18.700
EDUC 611 Models of Second Language Acquisition Exploring language pedagogy through second language acquisition research Ellis & Shintani Routledge 2013 14.900
EDUC 611 Models of Second Language Acquisition Introducing Second Language Acquisition (2nd ed.) Saville-Troike MUriel Cambridge University Press 2012 10.400
EDUC 605 Advanced Instructional Methods in Teaching ESL Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language (4th ed) Celce-Murcia, Donna M. Brinton, Marguerite Ann Snow, David Bohlke National Geographic Learning, Heinle Cengange Learning 2014 17.000
EDUC 605 Advanced Instructional Methods in Teaching ESL The ESL/ELL Teacher’s Survival Guide: Ready-to-be-use Strategies, tools, activities for teaching English language learners of all level. Larry Ferlazzo, Katie Hull Sypnieski John Wiley & Sons 2012 8.300
EDUC 605 Advanced Instructional Methods in Teaching ESL The practice of English Language Teaching with DVD (4th Ed.) Jeremy Harmer Pearson Longman 0 22.900
EDUC 605 Advanced Instructional Methods in Teaching ESL Teaching and Researching Language Learning Strategies: Self-regulation in Context, 2nd Edition Rebecca L.Oxford Routledge 2017 11.400
EDUC 530 Multicultural Education Multicultural Teaching in the Early Childhood Classroom: Mariana Souto-Manning Teachers College Press 2013 13.000
ARCH 211 Architectural Design II Structure as architecture Charleson ,Andrews Taylor & Francis 2014 14.400
ARCH 201 Architectural Design I Architectural Drafting and design Jefferis,Alan/Madsen david Cengage Learning 2016 74.400
ARCH 201 Architectural Design I Architecture in Use Van der Voordt,DJM,Van Wegan HBR Taylor & Francis 2005 12.200
ARCH 301 Architectural Design III Planing and urban design standards American John Wiley & Sons 2012 28.600
ARCH 311 Architectural Design IV Contemprary Library Architecture:A planing and Design Guide Ken Worpole Routledge 2013 17.400
ARCH 311 Architectural Design IV Linking architecture and education: sustainable design of learning environment Anne Taylor University of New Mexico press 2009 49.400
ARCH 311 Architectural Design IV Design Tools for Evidence Based Healthcare Design Phiri,Micheal Taylor and Francis 2014 27.500
ARCH 311 Architectural Design IV Innovation In Hospital Architecture Verderber,Stephen Taylor and Francis 0 20.200
ARCH 306 History of Architecture I A Global history of Architecture Francis DK,Ching,Mark M Jarzombek John Wiley & sons 2017 34.200
ARCH 304 Building Construction Methods Fundamentals of Building construction: material and amethods with interactive resource centre access card Edward allan Aia,Joseph lano John wiley & sons Binder ready version 2013 35.600
ARCH 302 Advanced Architectural Design Theories Modern architectural theory,A historical survey,1673-1968 Harry francis mallgrave cambridge university press 2005 18.500
ARCH 303 Building Construction I - Concrete Structural Elements Design manual:working with Eurocodes Trevor D,Bullman P Taylor & Francis 2009 14.500
ARCH 313 Building Cons.II - Wood and Masonry Cons. Design Design of Structural Elements W.M.C. McKenzie Palgrave Macmillan; 2nd edition edition 2013 26.400
ARCH 313 Building Cons.II - Wood and Masonry Cons. Design Masonry Structural Design, Second Edition (P/L Custom Scoring Survey) Jennifer Eisenhauer Tanner, Richard E. Klingner McGraw-Hill Education; 2 edition 2017 45.600
ARCH 313 Building Cons.II - Wood and Masonry Cons. Design Design of Wood Structures-ASD/LRFD (P/L Custom Scoring Survey) Donald E. Breyer, Kelly Cobeen, Kenneth J. Fridley, David G Pollock Jr. McGraw-Hill Education; 7 edition 2014 33.000
CHEE 208 Instrumentation Modern Instrumental analysis ahuja, Satinder /Jespersen, Neil Elsevier Science & Technology 2006 127.700
CHEE 270 Fluid Mechanics For Chemical Engineers An introduction to fluid mechanics Morrison Faith A Cambridge University Press 2013 40.700
CHEE 201 Principles of Chemical Engineering Principles of Chemical Engineering Processes Ghasem, Nayef/Henda, Redhouane Taylor and Francis 2012 27.000
CHEE 440 Introduction to Biotechnology Bioprocess Engineering Liu, shiji Elsevier Science and technology 2016 50.300
CHEE 487 Polymer Engineering Elements of Polymer Science & Engineering Rudin, alfred Oxford University Press 1998 31.100
CHEE 410 Separation Processes Chemical Engineering Design and analysis Duncan, T. Michael/Reimer Cambridge University Press 1998 24.700
CHEE 310 Reactive Process Engineering Chemical Reaction Egnineering Octave Levenspiel Wiley 2014 25.800
CHEE 490 Renewable Energy Renewable Energy Resources Godfrey Boyle Oxford University Press 2015 17.900
EECE 320 Computer Organization and Architecture Computer Organization and Design: the Hardware/Software Interface David A. Patterson and John L. Hennessy Morgan Kaufmann Publishers 2012 24.100
EECE 130
EECE 230
EECE 231
Computers and Programming I, II &
Data Structures and Algorithms
C ++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures, D.S. Malik Thomson Course Technology 2014 24.000
EECE 220 Digital Systems Design Digital Fundamentals Thomas L. Floyd Pearson 2013 25.300
ENGR 300 Engineering Economy Engineering Economy, Global Edition Sullivan, William G. /Wicks, Elin M / Koelling, C. Patrick Pearson 2014 23.800
EECE 210
EECE 211
Electric Circuits I & II Electrical Circuits, Global Edition Nilsson, James / Riedel Susan Pearson 0 26.400
EECE 340 Signals and Systems Signals & Systems Sadiku, Matthew N. O. /Ali, Warsame Hassan Taylor and Francis 2015 23.900
EECE 342 Communication Systems An Introduction to Analog and Digital Communications Haykin, Simon /Moher, Michael Wiley 2007 114.600
EECE 350 Fundamentals of Electric Power Engineering Electrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems Theodore Wildi Pearson /Prentice Hall 2013 25.100
EECE 330 Software Engineering Software engineering Sommerville, Ian Pearson 2013 23.300
EECE 422 Information Theory and coding Fundamentals of Information Theory and Coding Design Roberto Togneri, and C. J.S. deSilva CRC press 2003 or latest 26.800
EECE 221 Microprocessor Systems Interfacing PIC Microcontrollers Muhammed,, Ali Mazidi, R.D.Mackinaly, and D. Causey, Elsevier 2013 15.200
CIVE 210 Statics Mechanics for Engineers:Statics Hibbler J.Ross Publication 2013 26.300
CIVE 265 Surveying and GPS Elementry Surveying an introduction to geomatics Charles D Ghilani Prentics Hall 2011 34.600
CIVE 213 Strength of Materials Mechanics of materials Andrew Pytel Cengage Learning 2012 30.600
CIVE 230 Geotechnical Engineering Principle of Geotechnical engineering Baraja Das CL Engineering 2009 28.100
CIVE 221 Construction Materials Materials for Civil and costruction Engineers Micheal S,Mamlouk,John Pearson 2013 24.100
CIVE 250 Structural Analysis I Structural Ananlysis Russell C Hibbeler Prentics Hall 2012 23.800
CIVE 241 Fluid Mechanics A breif Introduction to fluid mechanics Donald F young,Bruce R munson John Wiley and sons 2010 14.500
CIVE 325
CIVE 420
Concrete I & II Design Concrete structures(In SI units) Arthur H nilson,David Darwin,Charles Mcgraw Hill Higher education 2011 31.200
CIVE 451
CIVE 350
Environmental Engineering &
Water and Wastewater Treatment
Introduction to environmental engineering P Asrne vesillind,susan M,Morgan CL engineering 2010 162.200
CIVE 480 Construction Management Construction Project Managament,a practical guide to field consturction managament SK Sears,GA sears,RH clough John Wiley and sons 2008 31.400
CIVE 361 Transportation Engineering Traffic and Highway Engineering Nicholas J,Garber,Lester Cengage Learning 2008 28.800
CIVE 430 Foundation Engineering Principles of foundation engineering Baraja Das Cengage Learning 2006 26.500
MECH 413 Air Conditioning Refrigeration, air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Hundy, G F Elsevier Science & Technology 2016 25.800
MECH 414 Gas Turbines Gas Turbine Theory Saravanamuttoo, H.I.H. /Rogers, G.F.C./Cohen, H. Pearson 2010 26.300
ENGR 100 Introduction to Engineering Science for Engineering Bird, John Taylor and Francis 2015 14.500
MECH 270 Properties of Materials Fundamentals of Materials Science and Engineering (5th Edition) William D. Callister Jr. john wiley & sons 2015 15.600
MECH 272 Mechanical Statics Engineering Mechanics: Statics Meriam john wiley & sons 2013 14.600
MECH 275 Thermodynamics Thermodynamics Yunus A.Cengel McGraw-Hill 0 25.000
MECH 372 Control Systems Control System Engineering Nise.Norman S. john wiley & sons 0 15.600
MECH 314 Fluid Power Fluid Power with Applications Anthony Esposito Pearson 2013 25.900
MECH 278 Manufacturing Processes Introduction to Manufacturing Processes Groover, Mikell P. john wiley & sons 2012 14.900
ENGR 105 Engineering Graphics Mastering AutoCAD 2014 and AutoCAD LT 2014 Omura, George and Benton, Brian C john wiley & sons 2013 16.700
EECE 341
EECE 344
Electromagnetic Field Theory I & II Electromagnetics for Engineers, Fawwaz T.Ulaby Pearson 0 50.600
FINA 214 Islamic Finance Mastering Islamic Finance : A Practical Guide to Sharia-compliant Banking, Investment and Insurance Karbani, Faizal. Pearson Education Limited 2015 38.800
CHEM 260 Analytical Chemistry Fundamental of Analytical Chemistry D.A. Skoog, D.M. West, FJ. Holler & S. R. Crouch Cengage learning 2016 33.700
ACCT 214 Internal Auditing Auditing and Assurance Services, Global Edition Alvin A. Arens-Randal J. Elder-Mark S. Beasley Pearson Education Limited 2016 27.100
ACCT 404 International Accounting International Accounting: Pearson New International Edition Frederick D. Choi-Gary K. Meek Pearson Education Limited 2013 19.200
BUSS 201 Principles of MicroEconomics Microeconomics, Global Edition Michael Parkin Pearson Education Limited 2016 24.500
BUSS 403 Business Environment The Business Environment Worthington, Ian-Britton, Chris Pearson Education Limited 2015 22.200
MNGT 212 Organizational Behavior Organizational Behavior, Global Edition Robbins, Stephen P.-Judge, Tim Pearson Education Limited 2017 26.500
MNGT 214 International Management International Management: Managing Across Borders and Cultures, Text and Cases, Global Edition Deresky, Helen. Pearson Education Limited 2016 27.000
MNGT 215 Operations Management Operations Management Slack, Nigel-Brandon-Jones, Alistair-Johnston, Robert Pearson Education Limited 2016 23.000
MATH 199,200,205 Calculus Thomas' Calculus in SI Units Thomas, George B. Pearson Education Limited 2016 27.100
BUSS 103 Principles of Marketing Marketing Management, Global Edition Kotler, Philip-Keller, Kevin Lane Pearson Education Limited 2016 27.100
CHEM 130/170 Chemical Principles I & II Chemistry The central science Brown LeMay,,Burstan Pearson Education Limited 2014 26.000
MATH 103 Mathematics for Social Science Mathematics for Economics and Business Jacques, I. Pearson Education Limited 2015 23.000
MATH 215 Elementary statistics for the Social Science Introductory Statistics, Global Edition Weiss, N. A.-Weiss, Carol A. Pearson Education Limited 2016 27.100
CHEM 370 Physical Chemistry for Engineers Physical Chemistry P. Atkins & Julio De Paula Oxford University press 2014 22.800
CHEM 250 / 210 Organic Chemistry I & II Organic Chemistry P.Y Bruice Pearson 2017 27.800
ACCT 215 Intermediate Accounting Intermediate Accounting Elizabeth A. Gordon, Jana S. Raedy, Alexander J. Sannella Pearson 2016 98.800
BUSS 402 Business Communication Business Communications essentials Bovee,C.Thill,J Pearson higher education 2016 23.300
EECE 360 Control system Control System Engineering Norman Nise John Wiley & sons 2008 16.100
EECE 470 Computer Network Data Communication and networking Behrouz A Forouzan McGraw Hill 2007 25.100
CHEE 280 Mass Transfer Principle of Heat and Mass Transfer Incropera , F. P John Wiley & sons 7th Edition 16.700
MATH 210 Differential Equation Elementry of Differential Equations William E. Boyce & Richard C. Di Prima John Wiley & sons  2013 17.500
MATH 335 Mathematics for science and Engineering Advanced Engineering Mathematics with MATLAB Thomas L Harman Brooks/Cole 2nd edition 25.200
FINA 213 Financial Services Bank Management & Financial Services FINA(212,213) Peter S. Rose, Sylvia C. Hudgins McGraw Hill 2012 23.400
PHY 170, 210 Fundamentals of Physics Physics for scientist and Engineers John W,Jr Raymond,A serway Brooks Cole 2010, 8edition 9.400
CHEE 450 Mass Transfer Material science Engineering William D callister John wiley & sons 2011 , SI version 6.010
CHEE 275 Thermodynamics for Chemical Eng Introduction to chemical Engineering Thermodynamics J.M.Smith,H.C.Van Ness McGraw Hill 2005 International Eidition 7.400
PHY 100 Physics for the Arts Conceptual Physics Paul G Hewitt Pearson 2010 7.900
EDUC 150 مقدمة في أصول التربية اسس التربية اليماني،عبد الكريم علي سعيد دار المسيرة 0 10.400
EDUC 350D Methods of teaching informatic,Elementary and Intermedaiate levels.Grades 1-10)1 طرق تدريس الحاسوب رؤية تطبيقية بهيرة شفيق الرباط ,سلوى فتحي المصري دار المسيرة عمان 1 8.800
EDUC 410B/553/835 مناهج وطرق التدريس في الرياضيات 2 التوجهات المعاصرة للتعليم والتعلم النشط في القرن الحادي والعشرين عبدالقادر محمد السيد دار المسيرة عمان 0 7.600
EDUC 500 التعلم وعلم النفس النمو علم نفس الطفولة والمراهقة علي فالح الهنداوي دار المسيرة عمان 2005 9.400
EDUC 505 أصول التربية اسس التربية ابراهيم ناصر دار المسيرة 2016 9.200
EDUC 635 التعليم والتعلم الفعال نماذج واستراتيجيات التدريس الفعال بين النظرية والتطبيق عبد القادر محمد السيد دار المسيرة عمان 2013 9.400
EDUC 670 Education Administration مدخل الي الادارة التربوية النظريات والمهارات الدكتور فتحي محمد ابو ناصر دار المسيرة عمان 2012 5.600
EDUC 680 المنهج (النظرية والنموذج) المناهج (الأسس،المكونات،التنظيمات،التطوير) فتحي يونس وآخرون دار المسيرة عمان 2014 7.600
EDUC 700 Introduction to Psychology المدخل الي علم النفس عماد الزغول وعلي فالح الهنداوي دار المسيرة عمان 2016 8.800
EDUC 701/678 الاحصاء التربوي الإحصاء التربوي تطبيقات باستخدام الرزم الإحصائية للعلوم الاجتماعية عبد الله فلاح المنيزل وعايش موسى غرايبة دار المسيرة عمان 2010 7.900
EDUC 704 الارشاد النفسي علم النفس الارشادي نظرياته واساليبه الحديثه الدهري ،صالح حسن أحمد دار المسيرة 2011 11.300
EDUC 706 Counseling الارشاد الجماعي العلاجي سعيد حسني العزة دار المسيرة 2016 7.900
EDUC 707 School Counseling الارشاد النفسي في المدرسة صالح احمد الخطيب دار المسيرة 2016 9.400
EDUC 708 المقابلة في الارشاد النفسي المقابلة في الارشاد النفسي أبو أسعد ،احمد عبد اللطيف دار المسيرة عمان 2015 9.100
EDUC 711 Career Counseling الارشاد المهني محمد عبد الحميد الشيخ حمود دار المسيرة عمان 2016 10.100
EDUC 712 Family Counseling الارشاد الاسري فاطمة عيد العدوان واسماء عبد الحسين النجار دار المسيرة عمان 2016 7.900
LAW 100 المدخل للقانون المدخل لدراسة القانون د. محمد المرسي زهرة دار المسيرة عمان 2015 6.800
LAW 101 نظرية الدولة نظرية الدولة - النظم السياسية د. محمد عبدالله دار المسيرة عمان 2016 8.800
LAW 103 مصادر الالتزام المصادر الإرادية للالتزام في القانون العماني محمد لبيب شنب/ممد المرسي زهرة دار المسيرة عمان 2016 8.300
LAW 105 مبادئ القانون التجاري الوجيز في شرح القانون التجاري العماني د احمد الصرايرة دار المسيرة عمان 0 7.000
LAW 107 المنظمات الاقليميه والدوليه المنظمات الدولية د. نجم عبود مهدي دار المسيرة عمان 2017 4.800
LAW 208 الشركات التجارية الشركات التجارية وفق احكام قانون الشركات العماني د عادل علي المقدادي دار المسيرة عمان 0 6.000
LAW 210 القانون الدولي العام المدخل إلى القانون الدولي العام د. نجم عبود مهدي دار المسيرة عمان 2016 6.600
LAW 215 قانون الاثبات قواعد قانون الاثبات العماني الجزء الاول د.احمد محمد احمد الزين دار المسيرة عمان 2017 8.200
LAW 241 الأحوال الشخصية 1 أحكام الزواج والفرقة بين الزوجين في الشريعة الاسلامية والقانون العماني د.حازم ابو الحمد حمدي دار المسيرة عمان 2017 5.600
LAW 308 القضاء الاداري القضاء الاداري وتطبيقاته أ.د يوسف شباط دار المسيرة عمان 2017 7.700
LAW 312 قانون العمل والتأمينات الإجتماعية الوجيز في قانون العمل العماني د.مصطفى مندور موسلا دار المسيرة عمان 2015 8.200
LAW 320 الأحوال الشخصية 2 النظر الحثيث في الوصايا والمواريث وفقاً للقانون العماني د. محمد عبدالملك ، د. مبروك عبدالعظيم دار المسيرة عمان 2017 4.900
LAW 335 الاوراق التجارية والافلاس الاوراق التجارية وفق احكام قانون التجارة العماني د خالد ابوطه , د نجم عبود دار المسيرة عمان 2017 6.600
LAW 341 العقود المسماه الوسيط في العقود المسماه مصطفى مندوري دار المسيرة عمان 2014 8.400
LAW 410 الحقوق العينية الحقوق العينية الاصلية في قانون المعاملات المدنية العماني د.محمد المرسي زهرة دار المسيرة عمان 2016 11.300
LAW 412 قانون الاجراءات الجزائية 1 شرح قانون الاجراءات الجزائية العماني-الجزء الاول د.طارق أحمد ماهر دار المسيرة عمان 2015 11.300
LAW 418 الأعمال المصرفية والعقود التجارية القانون التجاري وفقا لأحكام قانون التجارة العماني عادل علي المقدادي دار المسيرة عمان 2013 8.200
LAW 430 القانون الدولي الخاص 1 القانون الدولي الخاص العماني د.محمود لطفي محمود عبدالعزيز دار الجامعة الجديدة 2015 11.300
LAW 434 القانون الدولي الخاص 2 القانون الدولي الخاص العماني د.محمود لطفي محمود عبدالعزيز دار المسيرة عمان 2015 11.300
LAW 438 عقد التأمين أحكام عقد التأمين د. محمد المرسي زهرة ، د. مبارك بن عبدالله المقبالي دار المسيرة عمان 0 6.200
LAW 455 أصول الفقة تيسير الوصول الى مباحث علم الأصول د. ممدوح واعر عبدالرحمن دار المسيرة عمان 2015 6.700
LAW 469 تاريخ التشريع الاسلامي الوسيط في المدخل لدراسة التشريع والفقه الاسلامي د.ممدوح واعر عبد الرحمن دار المسيرة عمان 2015 8.300
LAW 475 حقوق الملكية الفكرية شرح قانون الملكية الفكرية العماني د.محمد حسين منصور دار الجامعة الجديدة 2011 7.200
LAW 490 التدريب العملي القانوني التدريب العملي القانوني د.احمد سيد احمد دار المسيرة عمان 2015 9.400
MNGT 517 المالية العامة والموازنات مبادئ المالية العامة حسين العمر دار المسيرة عمان 2002 11.300
MNGT 520 قضايا معاصرة في الإدارة دراسات ادارية معاصرة اخلف السكارنه,بلال دار المسيرة عمان 2010 8.800
MNGT 612 إدارة نظم الجودة نظام إدارة الجودة الشاملة والمواصفات العالمية - دراسة علمية وتطبيقية فتحي احمد يحي العالم دار المسيرة 2010 8.200
CMPS 200 Analysis and Design of Information systems Systems Analysis and Design Alan Dennis John Wiley & Sons 2014 90.000
CMPS 255 Graphic User Interface The Essential Guide to User Interface Design: An Introduction to GUI Design Principles and Techniques Wilbert O. Galitz John Wiley & Sons 2007 21.500
EECE 450 Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Stuart Russell Pearson Education 2016 25.400
EECE 361 Power Systems I POWER SYSTEM ANALYSIS John J. Grainger McGraw-Hill Education 1994 22.200
MECH 431 Mechanical Vibration Engineering Vibration Daniel J. Inman Pearson Education 2013 26.800
MECH 374 Instrumentation and Measurement Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements Richard S. Figliola Wiley 2015 14.300
MECH 276 Strength of Materials Introduction to Solid Mechanics Irving H. Shames Pearson Education 1999 19.000
MECH 450 Computer Applications in Mechanical Enginneering Introduction to Solid Modeling Using SolidWorks 2017 William E. Howard McGraw-Hill Education 2017 38.800
MECH 373 Mechanical Design I Machine Design Robert L. Norton Pearson Education 2013 99.600
MECH 279 CAD/CAM & CNC Machines Automation, Production Systems, and Computer-Integrated Manufacturing Mikell Groover Pearson Education 2015 27.200
MISS 214 Systems Analysis and Design Essentials of Systems Analysis and Design, Global Edition Joseph S. Valacich Pearson Education 2015 26.400
MISS 402 Business Data Communication and Network Business Data Communications: International Edition William Stallings Pearson Education 2012 25.300
MNGT 401 Total Quality Management Quality Management for Organizational Excellence: Introduction to Total Quality David L. Goetsch Pearson Education 2013 26.200
CIVE 331 Steel Design Steel Design William Segui Cengage Learning 2012 30.200
INTA 150 History of Architecture & Interior Design I History of Interior Design Jeannie Ireland FAIRCHILD 2009 33.100
INTA 151 History of Architecture & Interior Design II The Illustrated History of Islamic Architecture Moya Carey Anness Publishing 2012 4.300
INTA 201 Inter Arch Studio I Five Minute Sketching: Architecture: Super-quick techniques for amazing drawing Liz Steel Apple Press 2016 4.700
INTA 203A Design Theories II New Portable Architecture: Designing Mobile & Temporary Structures Wang Shaoqiang Promopress 2014 18.700
INTA 305A Design Theories IV Santiago Calatrava, Complete WorkS Alexander Tzonis Rizzoli International Publications 2011 50.400
INTA 335 Modern Practice Modern Architecture A-Z Peter Gossel Taschen 2010 19.700
INTA 445 Design Management Interior Design Management: A Handbook for Owners and Managers Christine M. Piotrowski John wiley & Sons 2008 24.000
ENGL 102C English for Computer sciecne I Infortech: English for Computer Users S.R.Esrteras Cambridge University Press 2007 8.900
ENGL 415 Romantic Movement English Romantic Poetry Stanly Applebaum,Editor Dover 1996 1.900
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