Colleges Academic Calendar - 2018-2019

September02SunStart of the Fall Semester
September03 - 06Mon - ThuEarly online registration (Y2 - Y4 -Y3 -Y1)
September0109SunFirst day of classes
September11TueIslamic new year (tentative)
September0112 - 13Wed - ThuAdd/Drop (Y2 - Y4 -Y3 - Y1)
September0113ThuLast day for Incomplete "I"
November20TueBirth of Prophet (tentative)
November21 - 22Wed - ThuNational Day (tentative)
December1413ThuSpring 18-19 schedule announcement
December1520ThuLast day for course Withdrawal with “W”
January1703ThuLast day of classes
January18-1905 - 19

Sat - SatFinal Exams
January28 - 29Mon - TueEarly online registration(Y2 - Y4 -Y3 - Y1)
January0130 - 31Wed - ThuAdd/Drop(Y2 - Y4 -Y3 - Y1)
February0103SunStart of the Spring Semester/First day of classes
February0214ThuLast day for Incomplete "I"
May1302ThuLast day for Withdrawal "W"
May1409ThuFall 19-20 schedule announcement
May1516ThuLast day of classes
Summer 2018-19 schedule announcement
May - June16-1719-02Sun - SunFinal Exams
June10 - 11Mon - TueSummer online registration
June0113ThuFirst day of classes
July0725ThuLast day for Withdrawal "W"
August0801ThuLast day of classes
August0904 - 05Sun - MonFinal Exams

FP Academic Calendar - 2018-2019

September12SunStart of the Fall Semester
3MonFirst Placement Test
3MonRegistration for continuing students(L2 & L3)
Resit Exam & Makeup Test
4TueSecond Placement Test
Registration for continuing students(L2 & L3)
5WedThird Placement Test
Registration for all students(L1, L2 & L3)
First day of classes for all (L1, L2 & L3)
6ThuAdd and Drop for all (L1, L2 & L3)
211TueIslamic New Year
October715 to 18Mon - ThuMid Term Test
November1220TueBirth of Prophet
1221 & 22Wed & ThuNational day (tentative)
1223 & 24Fri & SatReading Days
1325SunLast day of classes
26 to 29Mon - ThuFinal Exam/Exit Exam L3
December142 to 4Sun - TueMarking, Finalizing grades and posting
December116SunStart of the Spring Semester
17MonFirst Placement Test & Make up test
Registration for continuing students (L2 & L3)

18TueSecond Placement Test
Registration for continuing students (L2 & L3)

19WedRegistration for all students (L1, L2 & L3)
First day of classes for all (L1, L2 & L3)

20ThuAdd/Drop for all (L1, L2 & L3)
January728 to 31Mon - Thu
Mid Term Test
March111 & 2Fri & SatReading Days
123SunLast Day Of Classes
4 to 7
Mon - Thu
Final Exam/Exit Exam L3
1310 to 12
Sun - Tue
Marking,Finalizing grades and posting
March124SunStart of the Summer Semester
25MonFirst Placement Test & Makeup test
Registration for continuing students (L2 & L3)
26TueSecond Placement Test
Registration for continuing students (L2 & L3)
27WedRegistration for all students(L1,L2 & L3)
First day of classes for all students(L1,L2 & L3)
28ThuAdd/Drop for all (L1, L2 & L3)
April23WedAl-Isra'a Wal Miraj (tentative)
May76 to 9Mon - ThuMid Term Test
June115 to 6Tue - ThuEid al Fitr (tentative)
1213ThuLast day of classes
14 & 15Fri & SatReading days
1316 to 19
Sun - Wed
Final Exam/Exit Exam L3
13 & 1420, 23 & 24
Thu, Su & Mo
Marking, Finalizing grades and posting