For achieving its aspirations of “Occupying a Recognized Position among the Institutions of Quality Higher Education” and becoming a University of “Preferred Choice”, DU strives to ensure that its students are properly guided in selecting their career and the majority of its graduates are gainfully employed. Career guidance and employment services play a vital role in this regard.
Career services at DU aim to guide and assist new students in selecting their career through the right choice of program and specialisation. Likewise, employment services aim to improve the skills, personality and employment prospects of graduating students.


Career Guidance Section of Dhofar University seeks to provide its students with personal career-oriented and employment support.


Various objectives of Career Guidance Section are:

  • Identify the needs of different departments, units and centers in the University and Colleges for student jobs;
  • Identify the students who need work-scholarship;
  • Assist with part-time and internship job placements;
  • Assist students with job search strategies in order to understand the process of career choice and planning;
  • Organise workshops and seminars on job search techniques and self- marketing (i.e. Resume writing, networking, interviewing skills…etc.)
  • Maintain and update a vacancy list of current jobs available in the market.
  • Create a Career Guide Manual for use by potential graduates.
  • Mediate between students and employers through lectures and workshops.
  • Keep undergraduates informed about the career openings available.
  • coordinate with Colleges and Soft Skills Cell regarding career guidance.
Career Guidance Section

DU has a “Career Guidance Section” (CGS) in the Department of Student Affairs (DSA) to provide a range of career guidance and employment services to its students. The staff providing these services is adequately qualified and experienced and work in close cooperation with Department Chairs, Master Program Coordinators, Training and Placements Coordinators and Assistant Deans of the Colleges, who are responsible for providing career guidance to the students in their respective Colleges.

Career Guidance

Career guidance is especially for new students and is usually through guest-lectures and orientation sessions. Students are informed about the career opportunities available in various specialisations. For that purpose, DU has prepared booklets for various specializations available at the University, clearly showing career opportunities available in these specialization. DU has also developed a questionnaire which helps the staff in CGS in assessing the ability, liking and inclination of the student so that they can be properly guided.

Employment Services

Employment services are for all DU students with the main focus on graduating students. Graduating students are encouraged to take advantage of the services provided by the CGS. These services are available at University level and at College level.

Activities of Career Guidance Section

The activities of the CGS include:

  • organizing resume-writing workshops,
  • job interview coaching,
  • personality development programs,
  • conducting mock interviews,
  • arranging guest lectures etc.

The CGS coordinates with the “Academic Departments” in the Colleges and the “Soft Skills Cell” (SSC) (Click Here) for providing these services.

Career Guidance in Colleges

Career guidance services at DU are made available centrally at University level through “Career Guidance Section” (Click here) and also in a decentralized manner at individual Colleges and Academic Departments within the College.
Accordingly, all Department Chairs, Master Program Coordinators and Assistant Deans in the College are assigned the job of career guidance and are available to their students every day as per pre-notified schedule. These are the people with specialised knowledge in their academic field and are in a much better position to advise the students in their specialised area.

Soft Skill Cell

DU has a “Soft Skills Cell” (SSC) to supplement the activities of the Career Guidance Section. The SSC works in close coordination with the CGS and the academic departments in the colleges and helps in enhancing the employment potential of DU graduates.

The SSC conducts workshops for graduating students to improve their soft skills and arranges guest lectures by experts on various topics. DU encourages its graduating students to take advantage of services provided by the SSC. Through the SSC, DU also provides an opportunity to its alumni, who are unemployed and searching for jobs, for improving their soft skills and increasing their employment potential.

The topics covered in workshops and guest lectures include:

  • Writing effective Curriculum Vitae
  • How to prepare for Group Discussion/ panel discussion
  • How to prepare for Job interviews
  • Discovering yourself and professional orientation
  • Nonverbal communication and Kinesics
  • Understanding proxemics and its usage
  • Power of communication
  • Art of listening
  • Art of tactful negotiation
  • Effective online job search
  • Logical reasoning exercise
  • What success mean to me
  • Mental strategies for educational excellence
  • Working for a perfect job interview
  • Be the change
  • Self-Concept
  • Dealing with negative habits

Resource Persons

Soft skill cell brings in the best resources person who are expert in the area for a day long workshop for DU students. Faculty from the department of social sciences, psychology, and management are associated in delivering talks related with personality development. The schedule for the soft skills event is well communicated to all the DU graduating students and one can participate by registering for a specific workshop. The workshops are conducted throughout the academic year.

Work Placement

Work placement is supervised and assessed work carried out by students, with the approval of the College, in a social, business, industrial or other organisation. DU perceives work placement as a valuable experience for students, which enhances their employment opportunities.

Work placement is an integral part of the majority of the programs at DU. The objective is to acquaint the student with a real life workplace environment. It provides them with opportunities to put into practice the theoretical knowledge gained by them in the classroom. All the Colleges at DU have a “Training and Placements Coordinator” to facilitate work placement and training for students.

  1. Arrangements with Business Organisations for Work Placement

DU has informal agreements with a number of societies, businesses and industrial organisations in public and private sectors, governmental agencies, schools, hospitals and NGOs, where work placement training are given to its students.

DU maintains a database of such organisations, which is updated every year. The most prominent among them are: Omantel, Dhofar Power Company, Oredoo, Bank Muscat, Bank Dhofar, Hilton Salalah, Crown Plaza, Raysut Cement, Salalah Port Services, Oman Air and Octal Company.

For social work students, DU has informal agreements with a number of social services providers. The most prominent among them are: The Ministry of Social Development, Court, Sultan Qaboos Hospital, Al Wafa Centers, Autism Center, Omani Woman Center and the DU Hostel.

  1. Duration of Work Placement

The duration of internship in CCBA and practical training in CE is for two months, whereas practicum internship in the Department of Education is for one semester and the field internship in the Social Science Department is for two semesters in the case of the Bachelor Program.

  1. Supervision, Monitoring and Assessment of Work Placement

Student interns are supervised by an assigned faculty member who makes site visits to follow up on the students’ progress. The interns also have a mentor (supervisor) within their workplace. Students and work supervisors submit their internship reports on the work experience, which subsequently counts towards the program requirements. Records of work placements are maintained by the respective academic departments.

Work placement announcements

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Student Employer Meet

DU accords highest priority to employability of its graduates and leaves no stone unturned to ensure that they are employed in an organization of their choice in accordance to their specialization. It arranges for a series of talk in the “Know Your Employer Series”, wherein employers are invited to deliver talks about their company and the kind of employment opportunities that are available in their organization.

The employer consists of both governmental ministries, authorities, companies and social organizations who need to employ graduate in various field of operations within their organization.  Job opportunities, on job training and practicum opportunities are explored with the invited organization.

These meets are organised at University level and individual College or Department level. The Career Guidance Center, in collaboration with College Administration, is responsible for organising such events. All students, especially the final year students, are encouraged to take benefit of this opportunity.

The following is the list of organizations who either employed or provided opportunities for “Work Placement” (Click here) to DU graduates in the last academic year.


List of Participating organization for work placement/training opportunities 
S No. Company Name
1 Al Taqeed Trading Company
2 Al Wathabh Tech Contracting and Engineering
3 Bank Muscat
4 Birba marketing and services company
5 Central Bank of Oman
6 DG Finance, Office of the royal court
7 DG Financial and Administrative Affairs, Royal court
8 DG Medical Services, Ministry Of Health
9 DG Social Development, Ministry of social development
10 DG Water, Ministry Of water Resources
11 Dhofar Cattle feed
12 Dhofar Municipality
13 Hamdaan Trading Group
14 Maisarah bank
15 Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries
16 Ministry of education
17 Ministry of health
18 Ministry of manpower
19 Ministry of Social Development
20 Ministry of Transport
21 National Feed
22 Office of Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar
23 Oman Post
24 Omar trading
25 Orchid Global Trading Company
26 PA Civil Defense and Ambulance
27 Public Authority for civil Aviation PACA
28 Port of Salalah
29 RAK International
30 Raysut Cement Company
31 Salalah Mills
32 Salalah free zone
33 Sultan Special Forces(SSF)
34 Sun Paint Factory
35 The dunes Oman
36 Vocational Training and Development Centre
37 Oman ground handling company
38 Salalah Sanitary Drainage Services Co. (SSDS)
39 Golden Horizon Trading and Contracting.
40 Ministry of Defense
Officer of Career Services Appointment

Mrs. Haifa Nasser Abdullah ALFarsi

Room No: 212 A

Students Affairs – Counseling and Career Guidance

Telephone: 23237118

Email: haifa_alfarsi@du.edu.om


The office of the Career Advisor in the Department of Student Affairs is open for consultation from Sunday to Thursday, based on pre appointment, between 9 AM to 2 PM. For appointment please feel free to send an email to Career Advisor.

“Career Advisors in the Colleges” (Click here) are available every day as per the pre-notified schedule. However, the students are advised to fix their appointment in advance with the concerned career advisor through email.

Career Guidance Activities

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Name Job Title Contact No. E-mail Office No.
Haifa Nasser Abdullah ALFarsi Officer of Career Counseling and Guidance 23237137 Haifa_alfarsi@du.edu.om 212 A
Amira Abdelghader Elhilo Mohammed Student Counseling Officer 23237123 a_alhelo@du.edu.om 211A
Salim Ahmed Akaak Acting Counseling and Career Guidance Section Head 23237139 Sakaak@du.edu.om 207A