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Vice Chancellor’s Welcome Message

               Dear new staff member:

               On behalf of Dhofar University (DU), I would like to extend a very warm welcome to
               you. You have joined an institution that is striving towards excellence. DU is not just
               an institution of higher learning in a remote location in the Sultanate of Oman; rather,
               it  is  a  promising  project  of  social  and  economic  development  in  a  region  that  is
               undergoing dynamic change after decades of lethargy and under-development. The
               University was named after the region to highlight its commitment to serve Dhofar, in
               particular, and Oman in general. This is explicitly stated in our mission and strategic
               goals. In approving the establishment of new private universities in the various regions
               and offering them generous financial support, His Majesty Sultan Haitam Bin Tariq
               affirmed his commitment to quality higher education.

               In one and half decades, DU has succeeded in placing itself firmly on the map of higher
               education  in  Oman.  While  building  its  own  resources,  DU  has  nurtured  strategic
               partnerships  with  other  international  education  providers  and  with  the  local
               community as well. DU also has a unique distinction of being accredited nationally by
               Oman  Academic  Accreditation  Authority  (OAAA)  and  internationally  by  UK  based
               Accreditation Services for International Schools Colleges and Universities (ASIC).

               This handbook aims to introduce you to DU and its social and economic environment.
               It  is  designed  to  familiarize  you  with  aspects  of  Omani  culture  and  features  and
               introduce you to some of the key people, places, programs and policies of DU.

               This handbook is a very useful reading for all new staff as it provides some important
               information pertinent to working at DU and living in Salalah. More details are available
               in  the  DU  Bylaws,  Conditions  of  Employment  and  your  Employment  Contract,  the
               University  Catalog,  Faculty  Handbook  and  Student  Handbook.  Most  of  these
               publications are available on DU’s website

               I  hope  the  information  you  find  here  will  contribute  to  building  a  collaborative
               community of scholars and learners at DU. I wish you a productive and enjoyable stay
               at DU.

               Prof. Hassan Kashoob
               Vice Chancellor,

               Dhofar University, Salalah.

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