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to the area to harvest and collect frankincense – it is said that she also made offerings
               of this precious commodity to King Solomon. The Arabian Sea provides an abundance
               of seafood which is quite affordable. The vast coastline has many lagoons attracting
               wildlife, in particular  migrant birds. The pristine beaches offer plenty of scope for
               water sports. The mountains expose dramatic scenery and the whole Governorate is
               rich in archaeological sites. Accommodation, restaurants and shopping facilities are
               very good.

               For more details, see:


               1.3. Dress Code and Local Considerations

               For most of the year light, loose-fitting clothes, preferably cotton, are best suited for
               the  Omani  climate.  From  December  to  March,  a  slightly  warmer  garment  may  be
               required  during  the  evenings.  Clothing  must  be  decent  and  professional  and  any
               tattoos  must  be  covered.  Please  adhere  to  the  following  rules  and  regulations
               regarding dress and appearance to avoid complaints and criticism from students.

               1.3.1. For Men

                   Non-Omani men do not have to wear a suit or a jacket but must wear a dress shirt
                   and a tie. The shirt must be tucked into the trousers or pants and a belt must be
                   worn. Short-sleeved shirts can be worn, but all shirts must be dress shirts, not T-
                   shirts or polo shirts. Clothing must be loose-fitting, not tight. Non-Omani men
                   must not wear sandals. No denim is allowed, i.e. no jeans of any color, nor denim
                   shirts or jackets. No sportswear, e.g. track-suits or training shoes, no beachwear,
                   e.g.  shorts,  Bermudas,  espadrilles,  thongs,  flip-flops  or  Crocs  are  allowed.
                   Wedding  rings  and  watches  are  fine,  but  other  jewelry,  such  as  ear-rings,
                   bracelets, chains and necklaces, is not allowed. Hair must be short, with no pony-
                   tails, etc. allowed.

               1.3.2. For Women
                   Dress must be decent, i.e. not tight, not transparent and not revealing in any way.
                   The female form must not be accentuated. Sleeves must not be too short, the
                   back and the midriff must not be displayed. No denim is allowed: no jeans of any
                   color, no denim skirts, blouses or dresses. Short skirts/dresses are not allowed:
                   they  should  be  at  least  mid-calf  though ankle-length  or  even  longer  ones  are
                   preferable. Women can wear trousers or pants, but they must wear a long top,
                   shirt,  blouse  or  tunic.  No  low-necked  blouses  or  dresses  are  allowed.  Short-
                   sleeved  blouses  or  dresses  are  allowed,  but  sleeveless  ones  are  not.  No
                   sportswear of any kind, i.e. training shoes, gym shoes, track-suits, beach-wear,
                   e.g.  shorts,  Bermudas,  espadrilles,  flip-flops  or  Crocs  is  allowed.  Leggings  and
                   pyjamas are strictly forbidden.

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