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Part Two: Dhofar University

               2.1. Overview

               Dhofar University (DU) is a private institution of higher education in Salalah, Sultanate
               of Oman, established by Ministerial Decree No. 5/2004, issued in January 2004. DU is
               a not-for-profit institution and has a Board  of Trustees that represents its highest
               policy-making body.

               DU formally commenced its operations in September 2004 on the premises of the
               National College for Science and Technology, which was then officially incorporated
               into DU. DU is the first private University in the Sultanate modelled after the American
               system of higher education. It offers a two-year diploma, four-year bachelor degrees
               and two years’ master degree programs that follow the credit hour system and uses
               English as the medium of instruction.
               DU is accredited nationally (in Sultanate of Oman) by Oman Academic Accreditation
               Authority  (OAAA)  and  internationally  by  UK  based  Accreditation  Services  for
               International Schools Colleges and Universities (ASIC).

               2.2. Vision
               "Dhofar University aspires to occupy a recognized position among the institutions of
               quality higher education."

               2.3. Mission
               “Dhofar University strives to achieve excellence in teaching, research and community
               service in an open learning environment conducive to creativity and innovation and to
               the acquisition of cutting-edge professional knowledge.’’

               2.4. Values

               The core values for DU are:
                     Academic excellence

                     Individual responsibility
                     Continuous improvement
                     Active citizenship

                     Life-long learning

               2.5. Colleges

               There are four Colleges at DU: College of Arts and Applied Sciences (CAAS), College
               of Commerce and Business Administration (CCBA), College of Engineering (CE) and
               College of Law (CL). These colleges offer over  56 academic programs in different
               fields of specialization, which includes diploma programs, bachelor degree programs
               and  master  degree  programs.  For  details  refer  the  DU  catalog  available  on  the
               University website.

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