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Part Three: Getting Settled in Salalah

               3.1. Visa

               You shall receive an email from the department of Human Resources (HRD) at DU
               containing a copy of your work visa. It will look like this:

               Please note that, though your visa may indicate Muscat as the point of entry, you can
               fly directly to Salalah International Airport rather than Muscat. Once you have received
               your visa copy from HRD, you can go ahead and book your flight to Salalah. Please
               remember to forward your flight details to HRD before you leave your country so that
               we know when to meet you at the airport. Also, be sure to print out a copy of your visa
               to simplify the immigration process. On arrival at Muscat/Salalah airport, proceed to
               the immigration office to process your visa.

               Once you receive the visa, proceed to the normal arrivals desk for your passport to be
               stamped and then go and collect your luggage. You will be met at the barrier by a hotel
               representative or a DU driver, who will take you to the Haffa House hotel (Please Refer
               to Section 3.2 below)

               When you come to DU campus for the first time, you should report to the HRD, located
               in the main Administration Building on First Floor, where you will be welcomed and
               informed about what is required of you during the first few days. The Department of
               Public Relations and External Cooperation may also take you on a tour around the
               campus and introduce you to the staff as soon as you are ready.

               3.2. Accommodation from DU (on arrival at Salalah)

                 On your arrival at Salalah you will be provided

                       three days’ hotel accommodation at University Cost (In addition to a room
                        paid for by the University, you will be entitled to breakfast and an evening
                        meal free-of-charge during your stay at the hotel).
                       to and fro transport to the university for three days.

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