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P. 61

T. S. Mohammed, “Computer Science and Information Technology”.

               T. S. Mohammed, “International Journal of Research in Computer Science and Electronics

               Externally Funded Research:

               M. Zghaibeh, M. Kashoob, N. Alamri, N. Amri, T. Qatan, M. Tabuk "Ad-hoc Remotely Controlled
               Rover System", FURAP Call 4, Funded by TRC.

               Our project is an Ad-hoc Robot Vehicle system that is able to be controlled remotely by the user.
               The system is consisting of two vehicles and a control unit. The vehicles are a mother vehicle and
               a  daughter  vehicle  which  follows  the  mother  or  can  be  controlled  also  independently.  The
               MOTHER vehicle will have a vision system that captures its surroundings. The communication link
               between  the  vehicles  and the  control unit  will be  achieved by  implementing  XBEE  modules.
               Finally, the included sensors in MOTHER vehicle are GPS, smoke, and distance sensor, we can
               include different type of sensors based on the Vehicle goals.

               16.5 Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering
               Refereed Journal Papers:
               A. Karrech, F. Abbassi, H. Basarir, M.  A. Khorassani, “Self-consistent fractal damage of natural
               geo-materials in finite strain”, Mechanics of Materials, Vol. 104, pp: 107–120, 2017.

               S.  Grami,  Y.  Gharbia,  “Identification  of  GMS  friction  model  using  a  new  switching  function:
               Experimental investigation”, International Journal of Modelling, Identification and Control, Vol.
               27, No. 1, 2017.

               R. Amin, H. Bhowmik, M. uddin, S. M. K. Hossain, “Development of a PLC controlled drilling
               machine”, International Journal of Electronics & Date Communication, Vol. 3, No. 5, pp: 148-153,

               F.  Abbassi,  M.  Srinivasan,  C.  Loganathan,  R.  Narayanasamy,  M.  Gupta,  “Experimental  and
               numerical analyses of magnesium alloy hot workability”, Journal of Magnesium and Alloys, Vol.
               4, No. 4, pp: 295-301, 2016.

               A. Ullah, F. Ahmad, H. W. Jang, S. W. Kim and J. W. Hong, “Review of Analytical and Empirical
               Estimations for Incident Blast Pressure”, KSCE Journal of Civil Engineering, 2017.

               F. Ahmad, F. Abbassi, J.W. Hong, S. H. Chang, M. K. Park, “Hygroscopic effects on the penetration-
               resistance behavior of a specially-orthotropic CFRP composite plates,  Composite Structures, Vol.
               176, pp: 1073-1080, 2017.

               Conference Papers:
               S. Grami, R. Fareh, “Friction compensation in a 2DOF Robot Manipulator”, The 7  Edition of the
               International Congress on Design and Modelling of Mechanical Systems, Hammemet, Tunisia,
               March 27-29, 2017.

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