The Dhofar University (DU) Bookstore has been operational since February 2017. Its aim is to provide printed and electronic textbooks for University students.

The facility is providing convenient and easy access to textbooks and reading material at an affordable price exclusively for DU students and instructors. Read More

Students Guideline

  • Understand and comply with the terms and conditions of the textbooks that you receive.
  • Scholarship/Private students must present DU ID card and Student schedule to get the textbooks.
  • Respond promptly to all requests for supplemental information or documentation from admission and registration, student affairs and Department of Financial affairs for smooth access to the textbooks from bookstore.
  • Complete all financial aid applications and forms with thorough, accurate, and truthful information.
  • Read, understand, and keep copies of all forms that you are asked to submit or sign.
  • Notify the Department of Admissions and registrations if there is any change of information.
  • Notify the Department of Admissions and registrations if you change your degree program or if you enter into a concurrent curriculum;
  • Notify the Department of Admissions and registrations if you receive any scholarships, grants, or other financial assistance from sources outside of the university.
  • Check your DUSIS/Moodle portal and email regularly for updates.
  • Take only courses textbooks that are part of your degree program requirements.
  • Know and comply with the bookstore refund policies.
  • Notify your sponsor of any changes in your name, address or degree program status while you are attending Dhofar University.


Who We Are


To provide textbooks to meet Dhofar University community needs...

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DU Bookstore aims to provide students and faculty with textbooks in a professional way...

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Excellence, Knowledge, Quality, Innovations, Community, Collaborative learning, Diversity...

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