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Kahoot! is an educational technology game you can play in classrooms.

       Anyone, like teachers, can create quizzes for their students to play.

          Asma Said Al Darei

       Once the teacher creates the Kahoot! quiz, there are three steps for players

       to set up Kahoot! to play.  First, players pick up their phone to get connected.

       Second, they download Kahoot! from App store/ Google play. Finally, they

       put a PIN number and their name to start the game. To start playing, the

       questions get on the screen with the answers in different colors. Finally,

       players quickly choose the correct answer.

       The first time I played Kahoot! was with my classmates and teacher Megan.

       Before I played Kahoot!, I thought its boring and difficult to understand,

       but after I played I changed my opinion. It's very exciting and enjoyable.

       Kahoot! is one of the best ways for learning.  It is an easy way to learn new

       things and memorize vocabulary and grammar. Also it’s easy to understand

       the rules of the game. My classmates really love the game and wanted to

       play it again. My friend Fatima won the game and got a bag of candies and

       shared with us.

       The second time we played was on the Open Day. It was fun and enjoyable.

       All level two students from different sections gathered together and played.

       It was more challenging and fun.

       The best thing about Kahoot! is that you play with your friends and have fun

       with them. I suggest that everyone tries Kahoot!

                                                     FP Chronicle  Issue 12, Jan 2019
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