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It                                                                                                                                  O

                  was  a  day  that  started  with  great  expectations. At  8:30  in  the

                  morning, students assembled in the Hall for the Opening Ceremony.

                  The Hall was packed with teachers and a large number of students.

      The  FP  Director,  Mr.  Faisal  welcomed  the  gathering  and  the  Deputy

      Director, Mr. David engaged the students with a game of Kahoot. The

      quiz was about Oman. It was very competitive and enjoyable. After this,

      students went to various venues for other competitions and activities.

      The students of Level 2 and 3 had another game of Kahoot which seemed

      much easier than the one on Oman. There were games in the IT section.

      It was very interesting. There was a Bake sale that was organized in the

      courtyard. This sale was meant to raise money for charity. Students helped

      the teachers in selling food. The collection from this sale was given to

      the Autism Centre. There was a speaking competition for students of

      Levels 2 and 3. There were puzzles and riddles in Math and a game of

      Jeopardy for Level 1 students. There were some fun games conducted by

      the English Club in the courtyard. It was amusing to see students blind-

      folded and trying to tail a camel. There was a game for teachers, too.

      It was good to see the sportive side of teachers. They played a game of

      popping balloons tied to the ankles. It was fun to see them running around

      to save themselves from getting picked. There was a workshop organized

      by the Students at Risk Committee that was much appreciated. Finally,

      there was a closing ceremony where prize winners from the competitions

      were honoured with certificates of merit. All in all, it was a memorable

                                                      fun –filled day.

      Duaa Al Balushi & Sara Said Al Salhi

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