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World Diabetes Day, 14 Nov
                                                                                                                A  group  of  CAAS  girls
                                                                                               organized an event on World Diabetes Day to

                                                                                     educate people about the dangers of diabetes . There were

                                                                             a lot of interesting Corners and booths. There was the reception

                                                                       corner that gave an introduction about the event and also served dates

                                                                  and coffee to the guests. The second corner was the When? Why? What?. it

                                                               was an interesting corner were you could have all your questions about diabetes

                                                             answered. There was also a booth organized by Sultan Qaboos Hospital explaining

                                                            diabetes and how to treat it .Other corners of the events were competitions like the

                                                            Evil Sugar cubes challenge for not eating sugar for 21 days . Another competition

                                                             was a Crossword Puzzle, but the most interesting   was the cup competition, where

                                                               the guest tried to order proportion of sugar cups from top to bottom in 30 sec.

                                                                   Those who won this competition received a reward.. Finally, there was a

                                                                       participation from Badr Al-Samma Hospital in the event. They offered

                                                                             free stress testing and diabetes screening for attendees. Also, there

                                                                                     was participation from Juice Time. They offered different

                                                                                                types of special juices. What a fun way to
                                                                                 REPORT AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mithaq Sabeit Al Mamari
                                                                                                                   learn about diabetes!!!

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