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  conserves natural resources and use clean energy.
                   Build a house adaptable to the Middle East climate and culture.
                   smart and easy to operate.
                   flexible for adaptation to a different environments and different seasons.
                   A flexible house layout and structure that can be redesigned and adjusted by the resident.

               12.3 Details of Omani Students’ participation
               Since October 2016, forty-one (41) students from different disciplines of Dhofar University have
               been working on building a sustainable and energy-sufficient house. The work is done under the
               guidance and supervision of faculty members from the College of Engineering. The students are
               divided into different teams depending on their majors and assigned tasks accordingly. Table 15
               shows the details of Omani students’ participation in the project:

                                   Table 15: Omani Students Participation in SoLLite
                 No.                 Name                          Major                     Team
                 1.     Ibrahim Salim Jadad                Interior Architecture   Team leader
                 2.    Afaf Abdullmanan Al Jabli           Interior Architecture   Sponsorship leader
                 3.    Ibtisam salim Aljahwri              Civil engineering       Engineering leader
                 4.    Asrar Seddiq Ba Seddiq              Graphic Design          Communication leader
                 5.    Abeer Musallam Al Amri              Interior Architecture   Management Team
                 6.    Esra Hafedh Al Sarnaj               Interior Architecture   Engineering &
                                                                                   construction Team
                 7.    Maisa Sameer Rajab Bait Sameer      Interior Architecture   Engineering &
                                                                                   construction Team
                 8.    Tariq Ali Ba Omar                   Interior Architecture   Engineering &
                                                                                   construction Team
                 9.    Omaimah Said Bait Bakhit            Interior Architecture   Engineering &
                                                                                   construction Team
                 10.   Tafool Mahfoodh Alawadi             Engineering             Engineering &
                                                           Architecture            construction Team
                 11.   Shaima Awadh Said                   Graphic Design          Sponsorship Team
                 12.   Fatima Abdullah Al Gharaibi         Graphic Design          Communication team

                 13.   Samah Saed Al Hajri                 Interior Architecture   Engineering &
                                                                                   construction Team
                 14.   Hamza Abdulmtlab Farah bit Ali      Computer Science        Sponsorship Team
                 15.   Maryam Talib Al-Haddadi             Graphic Design          Communication team
                 16.   Hafidh Mohammed Ba Omar             Finance                 Sponsorship Team
                 17.   Laila Said Al Maashani              English literature      Sponsorship Team
                 18.   Ali Badar Ali Al Rawas              Interior Architecture   Engineering &
                                                                                   construction Team
                 19.   Aqeel Ahmed Al Ibrahim              Computer sciences       Communication team
                 20.   Farah Salim Rajab Ojaili            English department      Communication team

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