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                 5.    Yousuf Safrar            CE     Analysis and          1  Prize for    7       National
                                                       comparision of        Poster          Symposium  on
                                                       protein and Glutein  Presentation     Engineering
                                                       of Wheat from                         Final       Year
                                                       Oman, Canada and                      Project
                 6.    Anood Al Mezeni,         CE     Surface modified      2  Prize for    7       National
                       Naema Khamis,                   Gd2O3                 Oral            Symposium  on
                       Shaima Al Falahi,               Nanoparticles for     Presentation    Engineering
                       Fakrah Salim                    Magnetic              for their       Final       Year
                                                       Resonance Imaging  Research           Project
                                                       (MRI)                 Project

               12. Solar Decathlon Middle East

               Solar Decathlon is an international competition created by the U.S. Department of Energy in
               which universities from all across the world meet to design, build and operate a grid-connected,
               energetically self-sufficient house.

               The Solar Decathlon Middle East (SDME) was created by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority
               (DEWA) and the Department of Energy of the United States of America. Twenty-two (22) teams
               from sixteen (16) different countries represented by renowned international Universities from
               around the globe participated in the event. The teams were selected by an International Jury
               after a rigorous technical review process which lasted more than three months.

               SoLLite Salalah team from Dhofar University is the only team nominated from the Sultanate of
               Oman to participate in the competition. An official announcement of the selected teams was
               made on October 5, 2016 during the opening ceremony of the World Green Economy Summit
               2016. It is an annual event held in Dubai in order to take stock of environmental sustainability
               and economy.

               SoLLite Salalah attempts to contribute to the dissemination of sustainable housing and solar
               energy  in  an  open  learning  environment  conducive  to  creativity  and  innovations  and  to  the
               attainment of cutting-edge technologies and knowledge. The team has successfully delivered
               First three deliverables of the competition and is working currently to deliver the next deliverable
               in October, 2017.

               12.1 Project objectives
               SoLLite Salalah aims to build an easy to assemble house, which provides mobility if needed under
               stressed circumstances, i.e. for example cases of natural disasters, refugees and can also be a
               resting  home  for  tourists  during  the  Khareef  season  in  Salalah,  when  population  of  the  city
               drastically increases and the accommodations are limited.

               12.2 Goals

               The goals are to:
                   Design a house that’s eco-friendly.

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