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11.2 Best Paper Award in ISAMR, Korea (CE)
               Dr. Fethi, the Chair of Department of Mechanical and Mechatronics at the College of Engineering
               at Dhofar University, has won “The Best Paper Award” for his research paper titled “Numerical
               and experimental damage analysis of carbon/PPS composite under uniaxial and biaxial loading”.
               He presented his paper in an “International Symposium on Advanced Material Research (ISAMR-
               2017)” during March 17-19, 2017 in Seoul, South Korea. ISAMR was sponsored by prestigious
               organizations and top ranking universities in South Korea. Dr. Abbasi’s visit was sponsored via
               Short Term Faculty Development Grant i.e. granted to faculty members to present their research
               papers  in  national  and  international  conferences  by  University  Research  Board  at  Dhofar
               University.  Moreover,  during  his  visit,  Dr.  Abbassi,  conducted  seminars  in  Korea  Advanced
               Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Chung-Ang University (CAU) where he shared his
               Research with the faculty and students.

                                   Figure 12: Award won by Dr. Fethi in ISAMR, 2017

               11.3 Awards won by CCBA Faculty
               Three faculty members from CCBA have brought laurels to the University. The following staff
               members have been rewarded for their remarkable contribution in their areas of expertise. The
               details are shown in the table 13 below:
                                         Table 13: Awards won by CCBA Faculty
                 SN.   Name of the Academic                               AWARD
                                                  Award as outstanding scientist in finance and accounting by
                   1.    Dr. Faris al Shubairi    center  for  advanced  research  and  design,  India  (Venus
                                                  international Foundation).
                                                  Best paper award for the paper titled “Capital Structure of
                                                  non-banking  finance  companies  and  their  profitability  in
                   2.    Dr. Kavita Chavali
                                                  Indian scenario”, presented at International Conference at
                                                  Skyline University, Sharjah.
                                                 Best “Practice Research Award” in International Conference
                   3.    Dr. Mohammed Aref
                                                 & Exhibition on Best Practices in Sustainable Water, Waste

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