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SMEs  in  Oman”  and  Shell
                  32.   Dr. Samir          “Feasibility Studies for Small  DU, Salalah,   12   May, 2016
                        Hammami            Projects”    workshop      in  Oman
                                           collaboration  with  Riyadah
                                           (Public Authority of Small and
                                           Medium      Enterprises    in
                  33.   Dr. Samir          Symposium  of  “Business  Salalah             25   May, 2016
                        Hammami            Horizons  in  Dhofar  Region:  Technical
                                           Opportunities            and  College
                                           Challenges” organized
                                                   College of Engineering
                                      Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering
                  34.   Dr. Thabit Sultan   National Workshop on ABET  Sohar, Oman         1  March, 2017
                        Mohammed           Accreditation for Engineering
                                           Programs (AEP 2017)
                                  Department of Mechatronics & Mechanical Engineering
                 35.   Dr. Fethi Abbassi   Use     of   Digital   Image  Advanced        21  March, 2017
                                           Correlation  (DIC)  technique  Applied
                                           for    the    validation   of  Mechanics
                                           numerical simulation results   Lab, KAIST,
                                                                          Republic of
                 36.   Dr. Fethi Abbassi   Use     of   Digital   Image  School of       24  March, 2017
                                           Correlation  (DIC)  technique  Mechanical
                                           for    the    validation   of  Engineering,
                                           numerical simulation results   at Chung-

               9. Liaison/Agreement with External Agencies/HEIs
               DU has signed mutual agreements with world renowned HEIs for collaboration in ‘Teaching &
               Learning’ and Research during AY 2016-17. Also, it has worked on implementing the objectives
               of MoUs signed with HEIs during previous academic years. Table 12 highlights the details of all
               MoUs and MoAs signed, in process or implemented.

                            Table 12: Events Organized by DU Faculty and Staff AY 2016-17
                S.No        External Agency/HEI        National/International              Status
                 1.    The University of Western            International       Signed  MoU  in  2014  and
                       Australia, Australia                                     throughout  the  AY  2016-
                                                                                2017 has been in the process

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