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Table 9: Details of participation at ANRF, Muscat by DU
                           Research Field                       Researcher              Type of participation
                                                     Dr. Aref Wazwaz (CE)               Presentation
                  Energy and Industry Sector
                                                     Dr. Abdulkader Dekdouk (CAAS)      Poster Presentation
                                                     Dr. Fethi Abbassi
                 Environment and Biological          Prof. Luay Rashan                  Attendance only
                 Energy and Industry                 Dr. Israr Ul Hassan                Attendance only

               8. Consultancy Activities

               As  a  part  of  DU’s  efforts  to  facilitate  activities  to  smoothen  the  progress  of  knowledge  and
               technology transfer between University and the local community, contributing to economic and
               social impact of the society, the faculty members were encouraged to take part in consultancy
               activities. Such activities will also act as an extra source of additional income to the University
               and/or financial benefit  to the faculty. Table 10 enlists the consultancy activities carried out
               during  current  academic  year  while  Table  11  shows  the  list  of  professional  development
               workshops or lectures delivered to local schools, Colleges and industry during AY 2016-17.

                            Table 10: Consultancy Activities carried out during AY 2016-17
                  No        Code         Consultant     College/        Client              Duration
                  1.    DU/AY/2016-     Dr. Nasser        CCBA     Alfakr Training    2  April, 2017 -
                        17/CONS-001  Abdelrasheed                  Services           6  April, 2017

                  Table 11: Professional Development Workshops/Guest Lecture given by Faculty
                                              Members during AY 2016-17

                 No.    Name of Faculty           Title of Lecture            Place           Duration
                  1.    Mr. Waqas KHAN  Smart Cities                      Adelaide,      8   August 2016
                  2.    Mr. Waqas KHAN  Using       social   media    to  Salalah,       14   Jan 2017
                                           improve business               Oman
                  3.    Mr. Nathaniel      The Art of Structured Review  DU, Salalah,    17  February,
                        Lotze                                             Oman           2017
                  4.    Mr. Paul Pearce    As above                       DU, Salalah,   9  March, 2017
                  5.    Mr. Ashraf Ali     Workshop      on   Advanced  DU, Salalah,     30   April 2017
                                           Microsoft Office Excel         Oman
                                                 College of Applied Sciences
                                                         Computer Science

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